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  • volunte volunte Mar 30, 2012 9:28 PM Flag

    PGM whats your take?

    Is this what you expected? Did you buy more?

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    • I made over 300k with vonage using my strategy
      thanks I'll stick with my plans

    • This is not about CHANCES... This is about fundamentals, charting, emotion, and money flow.

      Fundamentals - Deteriorating : That was just proved out
      Charting -Trend : Downtrend intact below 65c
      Emotion : You guys are all bullish and I am in the minority
      Money Flow - Up when all the articles were published in DEC.. Now I expect money to be flowing out..

      Just continue to spit out the same stuff regarding details that are NOT going come to fruition.. Its your money, not mine.

    • $50,000 should buy you quite a bit of time with counseling...frankly, I am happy for you...I wish every little guy could win when they take a chance on the market...

      carry on...take your best shot...let all the pain out...

    • That numb nut is going to hold.. he does not have the money to buy more he is in 150% on credit cards and margin. he is going to be swiss cheese.

      1) He did lots of research
      2) The story changed around him
      3) He was too locked in to continue his research
      4) Thus he did not see things change..

      • 3 Replies to certiorarian
      • Hey bro ... I don't know where you're coming from here, but why the bashing of PGM? What's he done to you?

        The guy has done plenty of due diligence. And I think how he facilitated the purchase of his shares is irrelevant.

        The four catalysts management is touting haven't kicked in yet and are not projected to until later this fall.

        ** South Rangely will be drilled this fall.

        ** Woodrush's production and subsequent additional revenue are on track, according to management's projections.

        ** There is indeed money to be made from the NGLs at Kokopelli, which will be drilled in Q2 and put into the pipeline for production and subsequent revenue in Q3/Q4 and beyond.

        ** North Rangely will be drilled this fall and in the aftermath, one of three things will happen: production alone from DEJ, a sale or a JV will commence.

        To reiterate, none of this stuff happened nor was it projected to happen in the months of October, November or December of 2011.

        I am not speaking for management, and I am not emotionally involved. I'm here to make money. That's all I care about. I'm not planning on marrying up with DEJ for the next 20 years. I'm just a shareholder who is willing to sit tight for another two years here.

        I'm merely saying what management is hanging its hat on, I'm saying the very cornerstone of its strategy for the company in 2012 revolves around things that for some time have been announced to take place in the middle or second half of this year. I don't think anybody who knows even a morsel of intel about this company actually expected it to come out with any earth-shattering details today.

        The only thing that'll drive this stock out of penny land is future earnings. And that's why I believe Q3/Q4 and Q1/2013 will give us a very good indication of where things are with DEJ, after the aforementioned are set into motion.

        Just my two cents.

      • cert, are you short? Are you bashing hoping to buy cheap? What is your strategy? I can't imagine you spend time on this board daily just to warn others.

      • well when you are calling people names for having a different strategy than you...(I am being generous by calling what you do a strategy)

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