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  • buythelows buythelows Apr 17, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    Email DEJ to demand asset sale and JV

    I believe DEJ will announce an asset sale or joint venture in 2012, but it doesn't hurt for shareholders to voice their demands because an asset sale or JV could cause DEJ to double pretty much overnight. The market value of DEJ is about what Woodrush alone is worth, so any asset sale would unlock the values and give DEJ the cash to speed up development. Here are the investor email addresses and CEO email:

    "Craig Allison", investor relations:

    "Robert L. Hodgkinson" CEO:

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    • thanks!!!

    • Thanks for the info... I went ahead and emailed the following to both parties:

      I am a long term investor in Dejour Energy. However, it is very disheartening to watch my investment continually drift downward. Is there anything in the works that will add value to my investment or at least stabilize the stock price?

      I invested in Dejour Energy because I believe the company shows great promise but some of the recent management decisions have rattled my belief.

      As a company, there must be a plan of action. Could you please disclose an estimated time-frame of what your near, mid and long term objectives are for Dejour Energy?

      I am certain that there are many investors like myself that would feel much better about our investment if you could provide the requested guidance.

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      • Tell me when you get the answer to your email from Craig. It willsay absolutely nothing but promise they are on the case.

        It might go like this:"

        Thank you for your insightful questions. We are confident that the company is on track. While we cant control nat gas prices, the PV-10 value of kokobeach is $120mm and we are confident we willcreate value for our shareholders"

        What he doesnt tell you are the assumptions in the PV value.

        Nat gas at year end was over 50% higher than now. Ouch!
        Report assumes williams pipeline is there totap into. Oopps- there is no pipeline yet
        Dej assumes funding will be available.. Well- woodrush is underperforming, which means less assets to use as collateral.

        Oh- they have 120k acres of land that nobody wants to JV on but must be worth 300mm per dej presentations.

        Let's see what kind of bogus answer Craig gives you

    • They dont listen. They think they are the only smart people. Yet the market thinks they are dumb..

      They will never get it

    • Assuming no market crash, the company will need TIME for the stock price to be back on track.. as I explained value is a function of the Natural Gas Price which is now $1.88! The management of the company is smart and sound. They will negotiate through this terrible time for small junior natural gas producers. We are talking six months to two years. In that time my best guess is that we will see .22.5-24c or even possibly lower.. The bottom for the stock was a 7c. I don't think it will get there but if the market revisits lows so will DEJ. Its well past time to be sipping the Opium (Hope-e-um)

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