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  • harit_rc harit_rc Dec 7, 2012 1:51 PM Flag

    Hodgkinson very secretive... He should announce who the "Major" partner is !

    What's the big secret for ?

    Every other company out there announces it. Who's gonna pose the question to him ?

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    • Mgmt is doing this to tip another deal in it's favor, otherwise you're right why not disclose?

      I suspect, more news to come soon

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    • My people tell me it's Williams. Not a real surprise who it is. But regardless... a nice piece of news that should move things forward. I too wish there was more details but there is obviously a reason only part of the story was released. Maybe partly due to people/investors on this board getting aggresive with management for some kind of news even though it is not quite ready to be released. My people also tell me the cash is going towards Koko.

      I have to say I am feeling optimistic considering this is a significant part of the 2013 puzzle to be fitted together.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • THe major company is emabarrassed to make a deal with DEJ. That's why

    • I don't know that there is some grand secret.

      Contracts have been signed and transactions have been executed, but that doesn't mean there are some elements of the arrangement that may not be finalized or processed. A 'cash consideration' in the sense of the amount could also be contingent of inspection of some sort of the property. It could be anything. We'll know the amount and ultimately the partner, given that it's not a private entity, at some point in the near future. Certainly the cash amount will be reflected on the books.

      Personally it's not imperative to me that we know. I'm just glad a deal got done with a big player, and it proves to shareholders that management is and has had dialogue with big players in the industry. Certainly the company has had a long relationship with WMB and WPX. This company and its leaseholdings don't lack for exposure to bigger players. It just needs to get more bits to the ground and execute in 2013.

      Yesterday/today was what should be the start of an upward movement with South Rangely/Kokopelli's tie-in and Woodrush's increased production numbers coming. And like I said earlier this week, with those material events announced in the near future, there is simply no way on the planet the stock price will be stuck in the upper teens/low .20's.

      We'll see how 2013 shakes out 13 months from now, but it does clearly appear that 2013 will get off to a good start for Dejour with tangible, material events that have not (ever) been priced in the stock.

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    • Only reason I can think of is that the Company in play may also be looking at additional agreements / purchases and the release would infringe upon anything else that might be in the works but not yet complete.

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    • I agree, this has been the no 1 impediment to investor confidence and erosion of PPS. Looks like he has not yet learned -- sad situation.

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