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  • tttuck tttuck Dec 21, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    Safe Haven

    Market bleeding RED, and little old DEJ is holding up quiet nicely! May not be giving us our x-mas gift but at least not bleeding as with most other stocks in todays market! GLTAL

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • What are you talking about???? DEJ (-1.38%) is down more than the Nasdaq (-1.2%) , Dow (-0.99%), and S&P (-1.00%) today. Good grief. Pick a new hobby.

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      • OH KENNYBANIA35 THE ONE WHO LIVES AND DIES DEJ, THE GREAT KNOW IT ALL, THE GREAT SWAMI.(Hope you like my sarcasm)...HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU DO, HOW MANY IF ANY SHARES OF dej YOU HAVE, excuse me my grandson hit the caps lock, But bottom line, my point was such a red market where 1% on a lot of stock represent a chuck of change and DEJ not only holding up but not putting shareholders redder, was/is a blessing. Guess I gotta ask you big guy since you are so freaking great what are you doing in a penny stock that you have no heart or sole in????Go to apple or some big dollar stock that requires your intelligence and mass knowledge of the stock market and leave this stock to we the people who not only want to make money but believe! Get lost a hole and power to DEJ.GLTAL

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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