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  • xliangwen xliangwen Jan 6, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

    Stress and minnehunter: you are making PGM embarrassed again

    One year ago, people bought DEJ at high price and then blamed PGM for pumping DEJ. Those people made PGM very embarrassed.

    Now, you two sold DEJ at the low price and said you are affected by PGM's attitude. Will you blame PGM again if DEJ does not decrease?

    PGM, like all of us, just posts his thinking here, never recommends anyone to buy or sell. So, your sales are not related to PGM, but your own decisions.

    Actually, based on your understanding of the $6.5MM deal you should buy with your both hands and feet, not sell. Why? because you and some other uneducated think the $6.5MM fund backer needs long time to get paid out and then DEJ gets some leftover. If that is true it indicates the fund backer made a bad deal for its investment because people always hope their investment paid out as quick as possible. If the fund backer made a bad deal, who did make a good deal in these two parties? That is DEJ absolutely.

    Now based on your and some other uneducated logic the fund backer should not agree the deal.

    Why did the fund backer like the deal?

    The only answer is that the fund backer knew KOKO value, it knew not need long time to pay out its investment, and it wants to reinvest KOKO with its paid out money.

    That is why DEJ was not crashed for the past several days although you two and PGM divested a lot because many educated investors have been waiting for this time point for many years.

    Now, do you still want to wait your $0.18 target? But who will sell to you for loss with the recent unexpected developent pace?

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    • Wow X, maybe tone down your posts just a bit, you have called me a " fake long" and claimed I'm embarrassing people (whom I know personally and care about).........

      How about some perspective? I still have a large position and I still believe firmly in this stock. Ttuck hit the nail on the head (in his post below). This four well deal is good.....very good for DEJ long term.....however, the early returns from these wells, are not going to benefit DEJ. So....

      Anticipating no near term appreciation for DEJ, I sold some shares and plan to buy them at a lower price this week (gain in position). I may be wrong, it is a gamble (kind of fun really).

      X, I like your posts, and feel your a valued contributor to the board.

      Be calm my friend. DEJ will be fine and I still plan to attend the victory party.


      Ps I owe auggiekicker an apology, my recent post was out of line. Sorry about that.

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    • x,
      I did sell all of my dej over the last several weeks. I feel embarrassed by having family and friends in dej. I had people counting on me.

      The investment decision was mine and not PGM's. I very much enjoyed his posting. I do also understand why he quit posting, And I also understand his decision to sell some.

      This deal on kokopelli quite frankly, sucks dogcr@p.I would take any deal for a 25% return and THEN OWN ABOUT 40 % OF THE 4 WELL PAD! Also shows just how desperate they are. I DONT WANT TO INVEST IN NEEDY OILERS!!!But it also shows you they are going to prove up the acreage at any cost and sell the company. When, I dont know, and quite frankly really don't care!

      This company multiple change in plans shows me one thing. Poor management!.... and at this point in my investment strategy and life... i don't need a homeruns...... but I do want transparency and good management! Neither of them are here either.

      If i wanted to invest blindly i would invest in LEI... doubled my money twice on that... but they are the king of smoke and mirrors. Now they have multiple lawsuits, the ceo and coo are gone. Lately DEJ reminds me of the same.... just different shades of gray.

      I may come back for a trade on the 4 well pad... but it will be me only... no family no friends. plus the money was just dead for a whilehere, and there are so many quality oilers that deserve my money!!! So many others that deserve to go long... look at ionaf ... easy double by summer. This may double too but these guys lost my trust.... GOOD LUCK ALL!

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      • mashiach Jan 6, 2013 8:07 PM Flag

        Mind... MY (Rest in Peace) Father teach me one thing in regards to a stock market..... NEVER RECOMMEND STOCK TO NO ONE..



        GOOD LUCK

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      • I think we all got 'sucked in' by dejour's management promises. I too recommended it to friends when it was $0.30 and promises of profit and no more equity raises. WHAT A JOKE and I think we all feel embarrassed about being 'conned'.
        I have sold some that i bought at $0.17 - on the recent drop. The rest I can't afford to sell at this price - otherwise I would. Its time for Dejour Management to sell whats left. I don't believe they will gain back any credibility or confidence.
        Perhaps if they show a profit for the next qtr, but i doubt it - given the fat salaries and unconscionable BONUSES.

      • I agree with you. I also have had a lot of pains to keep DEJ shares because my wife blames me every day. She always says to my friends: everybody invests for making money but I invest for losing money.

        However, she believes my research on DEJ, so I am still OK to hold and wait.

      • Oh and multiple changes in plans is not poor management, it's a sign of quality management that is willing to adjust to market challenges. It seems to me that you don't know what you are talking about.

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      • hahaha, you sold out just as they are about to prove kokopelli!!! people are so crazy, this deal is not about revenue, its about proving production on kokopeelli to sell or JV it - best part, they DID IT WITHOUT GOING INTO DEBT!!! Wait until the initial production number comes out, this thing will go up big, with roadshow coming up, I would not doubt a JV or sale of this land asset by later summer or fall. Then it's on to S/N Rangely.

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      • X, wow with all these fellow longs selling it is amazing to me the sp has held up so well! As long as you don't get nervous and bail out the sp should raise next I am currently trying to sell some coal stock to pick up a few more blocks of DEJ. Regardless of the thoughts and beliefs of current longs and bashers of this stock I believe the story is just beginning to unfold. GLTAL

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    • so why did DEJ permanetly give up a 49% interest in all four wells - leaving DEJ with only 25% AFTER the 125% of payout?

      Who cares how fast they drill if they only are left with 25% (INSTEAD of the 75% they now have on all 2200 acres???)

      How do you call that a good deal...By your logic, the "fund backer" is going to be collecting 50% of all 4 wells revenue in PERPUTUITY AFER making 125% on its money FIRST......That is a GREAT DEAL and if it PAYS OUT FAST as you claim, that could be one of the BEST DEALS IN HISTORY, the mysterious partner keeps their 25% and DEJ gets left with 25%..

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      • javelin16,
        You asked How do you call that a good deal...By your logic, the "fund backer" is going to be collecting 50% of all 4 wells revenue
        The fund backer also has all the cost and overhead. The reason some natural gas wells are being shut down is that due to drilling costs and overhead they are losing money. If DEJ gets 25% of the revenues with no expense they can't lose money no matter how low gas goes, and had they used their own money and took on the risk and created dilution for us or borrowed the money , after payments, interests and expenses, what makes you think their profit margin would have been more then 25% for a long time anyway. Not to mention they would have tapped out their credit, slowing progress even further. Bottom line, we are keeping our resources open for future expansion, we are proving the value of KOKO, and will be recieving a 25% revenue source risk free.

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      • This can be debated until the cows come home....Glass half empty, Glass half full. Point is there is a glass. No up front out of pocket expense for DEJ....rewards are to prove what is under the ground and DEJ was not going to do that using their own money (thru loans or stock delution) until the price of ng came up. Could of been one long quiet period of time. Not sure of your numbers javelin but even if they are correct and DEJ is left with 25%....before with no drilling 25% x 0 or now 25% of recoverable product. JMHO.. DEJ is off dead center by doing this deal and there is a future, both in production numbers and proven acrerage, hense company and shareholder value gain. Again JMHO and we all have one, although some opinions may not be humble lol GLTAL

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