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  • jrdigs1 jrdigs1 Feb 21, 2013 8:07 PM Flag

    I lost all hope !

    I really thought all the pumpers could get ten cents out of it ! Its a sad sad sad day ! I had big dreams and now nightmares! I Put to to much trust in pumpers ! Pumpers should be ashame not to get this over 25 cents with good news! For shame for shame ! WOW ! What is this world comming too if you cant even trust pumpers ! Its a very vey short world in which we all live !

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    • just sell your 100 shares lol

    • I'm sorry you have believed too much on this board - by definition pumpers are deceivers but DEJ has been so weak for so many years, they could not move it for hardly an hour. This is a real co with reasonable prospect but do not put another dime in and if your time frame allows, just hold and wait. If you see any posts from the pumper X, just know that the opposite of what he states is apt to be accurate - he creates news events, etc, and many on this board follow him closely, which tells all you need to know...

    • Always do your own DD and do not rely on pumpers or bashers. The underlying facts remain the same. DEJ has great acreage that needs to be proven. Management has done a very poor job overall and that frustrates investors. Day traders love it. But if they manage to "prove" what they have, then we will see a big spike in the SP. Several big players close to DEJ's properties indirectly provide evidence that DEJ's acreage is worth a lot more than 20c a share. Would DEJ be able to "prove" it? and would retail investors be able to contain their frustration with management and wait patiently? Something that each one of us has to decide.

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      • Value of property has to be attached to shares. There lies the problem.There is no question that the underlying value of Kokopelli , is greater than 29 M (mkt. cap) If the value was clearly attached to a share ,then management would have put incentive options at 2X the present market cap..That financial incentive for insiders would spur on growth for shareholders through confidence in the value of the properties. I've said it before,DEJ likely has too many marquee properties . The management has done a good job permitting with some tough claims and I do not fault them for what the commodity markets have done in the case of natural gas,therefore the share price problem is not with their abilities to manage the properties but with their inability to attach that intrinsic value to every single share. Options are a tool that can work for or against share price ,just the same way equity financing can.It's all in the way the tools are used,imo. The value will eventually be realized by market forces which is exactly what management is counting on .,but the longer this retail base allows management to own a greater percentage of those undervalued shares,the less our common shares are worth.

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      • You nailed it!

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      • dtpolis You hit nail on head. Nice honest post.

      • U r 3rd Rat

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    • Typical wall street occupier. Always wanting other to do the work for you. Then you reap benefits. Go back to your tent. 10 cent big dreams? You must have 5mm shares.

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