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  • tttuck tttuck Jun 14, 2013 6:29 PM Flag

    My Take ON AGM

    DEJ got: The seven board of directors re-elected, Appointment of Auditors, Share consolidation (if and when "the board decides it is required") What did the shareholder get? Any updates on progress of any type? Any JV news? Any crumbs what-so-ever? Someone on this message board said in order do a reverse split approval by the shareholder was not required for the board to perform the split. I'm not so sure that person was right. In reviewing the results of this SPECIAL AGM what else was accomplished? I'm very disappointed in management and feel that once again we are being lead down "the path". I know I'll get blasted by all the loyals but this just don't smell right. I hope i'm wrong and the aftermarket is up,which is surpising,( most everyone musta thought the reverse split was gonna happen at the meeting) but still leads to the question, why so late in the day did they release the news? Shareholder friendly? Bottomline, I'm still hoping this is the new and inproved DEJ, but to me it smells of the same old, same old. GLTAL we might be needing it. JMHO

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    • Oh my gosh, could you be any more of a cry baby? All AGM Prs are a summary of voting results.. go compose yourself and grow a pair until they report production results next week.

    • It was just the usual boring meeting to tie up loose ends. The important stuff will come at the quarterly report next month, and the updates concerning koko. Be patient.

    • tttuck,
      I've been here for quite sometime, and I Just sent my first e-mail to Craig, Explaining my
      extremely dis-pleasure with management and the lack of being shareholder friendly. or at least providing some kind of VALUABLE "CONCRETE INFORMATION" I asked please do not respond with the CA's that were signed, as we're all quite aware of those. as you stated, and I also stated in my e-mail this thing STINKS to
      High Heaven. Directors, Auditors, and SHARE consolidation that's it!! REALLY DEJOUR!! My patience has run out, I've been quiet long enough "NO MORE" I'll continue to send e-mails and post my feelings and dis-pleasures with management on Dejour's FB page. Bob H. will also start to here from me. They can't ignore the VOICE of us shareholders forever. GLTAL!

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