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  • networthgrowing networthgrowing Jun 25, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

    IR's Craig

    is not worth what dej is paying him, in fact I think he is a total waste of money

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    • I disagree.

      Put yourself in his shoes. He#$%$ with a lot of pointed questions everyday. And he's not in a position to release any more than what management allows him to. Many times he's in a tough spot when investors and prospective investors call.

      He's going to be positive and upbeat about the company. Anyone in that position will be, otherwise you surely don't want them talking to investors and prospective investors. And he's going to accentuate the positives and look at the big picture. But again, he can only convey what he's green-lighted to discuss. Information and insight are in great demand to an investor but there are times when there's little supply of it and in my evaluation that does not fall on the investor relations guy on the front line. That's more so a reflection of the fact that nothing may be going on at that particular time or it's a reflection of management not being more inclusionary with people.

      Dejour's primary issues the last several years had more to do with a lack of funding, a lack of execution when it had funding and ridiculously low nat gas prices in 2012, not the IR guy on the front line who's essentially told by the front office what he can and cannot release.

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      • I am siding with harold on this topic. There is not a whole lot of flashy PRs for a small exploration company going thru some tough economics. Craig's just a puppet and not given a whole lot to work with. I don't expect a lot from Craig and he's always delivered.

        In time, Craig will get his chance to shine. A short lived spotlight so to speak.

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    • What is DEJ paying him? Or is this another one of your opinions?

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