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  • justthefactsdudes justthefactsdudes Sep 4, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    A buyout ofer could be announced any day

    don't get caught out
    this stock is a bargain

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    • talk about desperation... how many shares are you trying to dump or do you have some inside information? If your using your opinion or feelings state it as such so you don't mislead new investors. be a realist not a pipedream pumper. pumpers are just as bad as bashers. be real. bad thing about being a realist is you get it from both sides.

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    • Nobody knows what has been proven...there are 2ca's signed which could or should prove land

    • maxeileen Sep 4, 2013 5:58 PM Flag

      dej needs to drill here there and every where to get premium $$$ for co. Other than that it will be a 5 bagger only at the very least. Very exciting times for this little gem of a co, added another 5k shares today.

    • No sir, that's not the case. Hodgkinson isn't going to sell this thing without a mancos being developed at Kokopelli. Why on earth would any CEO sell out with the potential a mancos has to more than double reserves and given the fact that WPX's massive discovery mancos well has been drilled a few miles away from Dejour's Garfield County acreage? If Hodgkinson (and he wouldn't) went to the board with a sell in mind today, they'd look at him and say, 'Dude, what in the world are you doing? Why are you taking the punch bowl away in the middle of the party?'

      Hodgkinson isn't selling this company without a JV at North Rangely, South Rangely and without a HZ at Kokopelli. Those are game-changer events that would give the company's valuation many multiples over what it has today. Four Williams Fork wells at Kokopelli are not game-changers. Sure, they confirm what we've anticipated ... that Kokopelli is indeed a prolific NG/NGL play. And it adds revenue to the books. And you're now talking proven, producing reserves. But if people want this thing to hit $2-3+ a share in a couple of years, a lot more is going to have to be done besides four Williams Fork wells. You can be sure of that.

      "A buyout offer any day" talk isn't even reasonable in my opinion, not at this early juncture. The company just got its first US-based production from SR and KOKO in the last eight months. It's not time to pull the trigger yet. And Hodkginson isn't sitting on 7+ million shares so that he can sell the company for $0.75 a share.

      I believe in being optimistic and as a large shareholder, I am, trust me. But I also believe in being realistic, too. The fat lady isn't even in the building yet, much less backstage.

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      • First of all you are WAAAAAY off on your valuation. Koko alone is worth about $1 per share based on current NG NGL prices and % of condensate. That's excluding the deep Niobrara.

        They will drill the HZ on the north side of koko to prove that patch. As far as I'm concerned West Grand Valley and Roan are already proven based on proximity to EnCana (same coordinates) and the Beast well. The JV will further that development as well.

        A buyout is possible though because NG and NGL prices are increasing. When they do sell it will not be fore less than $5 per share. That's why when an exec owns 500k options, they are sitting pretty, because that equates to $2.5M at buyout.

        Be realistic and perform some real due diligence on prices and condensate splits along with activity in the area to give yourself an idea of what the Company is worth.

      • disagree
        I don't think the big boys even bother to let him drill the mancos
        the beast has heralded the potential that Dejour sits on
        Think about that
        what if Dejour owned the Beast right next door
        would that prove their land?
        well if it would and since the beast is right next door then their land is proven

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