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  • bernoullisfriend bernoullisfriend Dec 18, 2012 9:41 PM Flag

    Question to sweeten the pot

    Why couldn't BGI raise their offer above the $3.15 to attract my interest from shareholders?

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    • BGI expects to close on the deal in the first quarter 2013.

    • $3.15 was the low-ball, stealth-play by BGI to get something that MANY know is more valuable.
      It isn't working and most likely won't work.
      Amgen just paid 3 times $3.15 per share to get access to deCODE Genetics database alone. Not their technology, just a DATABASE for God's sake!

      GNOM has a tech platform MUCH more valuable than that. There are interested parties here and I think that any winning bids for this will be over $3.30 per share.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • BGI is banking on that the sock puppets will turn every other offer away and keep choosing their offer at $3.15.
      $3.15 is a low-ball, stealth-play by BGI. Regardless of Jefferies kangaroo and horse-huckey analysis, GNOM is worth MUCH more than $3.15 per share. The alternate bid off of ILMN drew attention to the situation. Rumors aside, who knows who "Party J" is.
      Amgen just paid 3 times $3.15 per share to get access to a database owned by deCODE Genetics, just a DATABASE for God's sake!

      Complete Genomics was described in the Mercury News article as an "industry leader", which it is NOT (truthfully); ILMN has been hard at GNOM, and I'm sure that the boiler room which ground down GNOM's stock from it's higher levels was employed by BGI, so that they could get the price down to the levels where it's offer would look like some grand bargain.

      But, BUT, the technology which GNOM has IS industry leading. BGI knows this, ILMN knows this, our government seems to know this as well does mainland China. I think that this thing is honestly beyond the $3.15 offer point. It's just up to either the government to break the deal or GNOM to break the deal and let the REAL dealing begin.

      Sentiment: Hold