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  • zzxxxx zzxxxx May 28, 1998 12:18 PM Flag

    MCI Internet

    This was the one area that was profitable for MCI.

    This will be a great deal for CWP, it should contribute to earnings immediately.

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    • you misunderstood my post he wrecked that company, what will he do at CWP? Thankyou

    • If you think what happened with AFCI stock is "great", I don't have anything else to say.

    • I checked AFCI. He really did a great job just look at what the stock did. Can you tell me anything more about his past history how can he help CWP.

    • Sorry for transposing the letters. It should have read AFCI. Look at their stock.

    • can someone give me the lowdown on carl grivner's past work history!!!! thank u for any input rex

    • There is a reason why MCI sold their internet
      business to CWP. Many people, including top telecom
      analyst, say that MCI did this because they are confident
      that CWP will not really be a threat to them in the
      future for internet sales. Many people say that MCI
      Worldcom will eventually win some of those internet
      customers back. I know people who work for CWP and they
      have told me that CWP did have an internet division at
      one time, but they decided to can it. I was told the
      reason was not a profitable venture. Could you believe
      that! Internet business not profitable. I believe that
      many of CWP's new internet customers will cancel their
      services and go elsewhere.

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      • I'm not sure if your comments on the C&W internet
        business is correct. If you visit the C&W USA web site,
        you can see map of their internet lines and they seem
        to be extensive, especially on the east coast.
        Furthermore the high bandwidth lines under the Atlantic are
        laid by a joint venture between Worldcom and C&W.
        Lastly, C&W is one of the largest internet businesses
        outside of North America, and particularly so in the Far

        I agree that C&W's U.S. business is not very big.

      • Here is another way to look at CWP's desire to
        purchase MCI's internet business. It makes them that much
        more attractive to a potential buyer.

        CWP is
        doing everything in its power to be lean and profitable
        as posssible. The CEO has made it clear that he
        would welcome a suitor.

        One of the main reasons
        Gabelli likes the stock is it takeover potential. (He
        also thinks that it will be a major long term
        international player even without a merger).

        profits becoming more difficult for the US telcom
        companies to come by, CWP opens up the whole world for

        The next few months (unless Hong Kong tanks), should
        be good for CWP shareholders.


    • It is sad to see clueless analysts and their
      hidden agendas.
      Since CWP will be up +25% in less six
      months from that "expert's" view, the "analyst ratings
      industry" will once again look like the random BS that it
      is. Let me remind you that last fall Bear Stearns top
      telecom analyst has CWZ as a neutral (price then $22
      price today $38!!!). (Lehman by the way re-iterated a
      "buy" this week on CWP).

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      • Now my "...scientific" response to Alex Brown's
        ratings. (GR stands for GreatReturns, AB for Alex
        -- British Telecom: AB->strong buy; GR->Boring
        and Bureaucratic, thus Avoid
        -- Cable & Wireless:
        AB->market underperform; GR->dynamic and diversified,
        thus Buy
        -- Deutsche Telekom: AB->market
        underperform; GR->Buy it before buying BT
        -- Energis:
        AB-> market underperform; GR->Does not follow/no
        -- France Telecom AB-> market perform;
        -- PTT Nederland: AB-> market perform; GR->no
        -- Tele Danmark: AB->market perform; GR->Who
        -- Telecom Italia: AB->market perform;
        -- C&W Communications:AB->market perform;
        GR->I agree on price appreciation, but for agreesive
        investors I would rated accumulate.
        (PS: I apologize for
        the long messages but Alex Brown totally pissed me