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  • icoracle777 icoracle777 Mar 31, 2007 10:27 AM Flag

    The journey -Hot Hot Hot �- The stress buster1

    How you feeling? Remember that the sun stock is up 50%. The Auto Stock is up 150% and the dear stock is up a few %.

    U -So you have a trifecta then ICO777?
    ICO777 -I guess, but I would have liked to have hit for the cycle.

    U -Don�t feel bad ICO777 You know nobody�s perfect.
    ICO777- The whole point is to win more often.

    U -So can you still C things ICO777?
    ICO777- I do folks.

    U -What do you C?
    ICO777- I C a four leaf clover and I C that April Showers bring May. No scratch that April showers bring magic.

    U � Is the sun really that powerful?
    ICO777 � yes read this free registration required

    U-When does the magic begin ICO777?
    ICO777- Sooner than U think.

    U- So the Boolean grid aka the ICO indicator is showing slight signs of green?
    ICO777- Yes a C of yellow with a few drops of green.

    U- Give us a hint Ico777.
    ICO777- Check your TDU mail next weekend.

    U- What about Microsoft?
    ICO777 � Well guitar hero is now available for the 360, and they have a beta version of VOIP software out.

    U- What about the technical target?
    ICO777- Check your TDU mail next week.

    U- Come on give us a hint.
    ICO777- The 2nd digit remains 4 and the first digit is ..

    U- check your TDU mail right?
    ICO777 � Right!

    In food news:

    CALIENTE � HOT HOT HOT � on the road to Cinco de Maio, make sure you have something hot around. My favorite hot stuff contains chipolte and yes that lovely tomato.

    U- You mean Salsa?
    ICO777 � Salsa baby!!!! Like Traders and Newmans salsa? Oh yeah.

    U - Tell me about it.
    ICO777 � well it�s spicy and it has some lime in it that makes it just a bit sour. Go get some of that Salsa baby - NOW. And while your there pick up the wildest blueberries at Traders.

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