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  • mntndo67 mntndo67 Apr 1, 2007 11:25 AM Flag

    You're buying at this bottom, right?


    I sure hope so!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I also loved this company as a child, but world is changing frnds, as I saw TDU game, poor graphic, bad races, they are still back in the 80's. Compare to NFS games and you wont buy TDU. Sry.

    • au contraire mon frere. he who is falsely accused of falsely accusing is first in line here. me first. you lied. you stated you made big profits after the split and shall we say "mocked". i said prove it mr smarty pants. you didn't and won't. wait your turn challenge boy. step up to the plate first please. put your money where your mouth is.

    • oh...doesnt everyone just love it when 'atari' fills up our message boards with PAID bloggers to tout their stock. what wonder their stock goes up and down..the company controls it...just look Infogrames (parent co. of Atari) owns over 51% of the co. They are pumping and dumping themselves or with their friends.... Your LIES are not appreciated.....thank you ATARI but we have our eyes on you..and so we've does the SEC... haha

    • darn tooting right....pushes your BS back to the BS machine where it was made.

      can't prove your false statements to us can you do-boyee?

      Btw- no one hates a basher as much as a liar.

    • so we are just supposed to take your words as truth huh? you know you are the only genuine liar on this board (michel was but he hides now). even the pumpity pete's don't count on lies for their defense.

      wow... congrats slugger. time for that cool dance you're so good at again. woohoo!

    • Also, when trying to time stocks, you have to be right twice -- once to get in at the right time and again to get out.

      ATAR has the added problem of very low volume most of the time. If you try to buy / unload more than a few thousand shares, you could easily affect the share price for the stock (yesterday's apparent "under the table" trade of 350K shares notwithstanding).

      My own hope was to *invest* in Atari after it started showing signs of a turnaround but it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon. Sure, some of the day traders will make money by throwing darts at the stock, but on average, if the price is trending down, people will be losing. I'd be willing to be that lots of people jumped onto ATAR after the big drop a couple weeks back and are still waiting to get into the black...

    • YEAH BLAH even a broken clock is rite twice in 24 hours!

    • she doth protest too much, cry wolf, rally around complete a-tards, etc. for you do-boyee. 24-7 the same do-boyee.

      you call yourself smart. a bunch of us know your alias to be much different or in fact the opposite of how you present yourself here.

      you call it what you will. i don't see people standing up to agree with you here though. you seem to have the exclusivity on getting rich off atari this month. curious that.....hmmmm?????

      i also don't see any of us, myself included as "bashers". you just don't like what we say because it doesn't live in little fairy tales and outerspace sci-fi zon-zon land.

    • woweeeeeeeeeeeee good stuff boys, the bottom of 0.33 cents good we can all predict that, now we should buy the greatest company on earth ATARI!! YEAH SURE JACK...GO GET YOUR NAILS DONE...

    • nice and predictable excuse. just what i would expect from your type do-boyee.

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