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  • SoFlaStocks SoFlaStocks Jun 3, 2003 11:58 AM Flag

    ^^^^^ Message to STN management

    I am not sowing seeds of doubt, I am just expressing the doubt in everyone's minds, long and short. This is risky investment.

    Anyways, it is one thing to convert MegaNanza machines to RTB as an emergency measure, but to order a bunch of new games, enter into participation agreement, and essentially declare war on the state, while in the meantime the NIGC could (probably won't) rule it Class III or require unknown changes to the playability is not good business.

    It is more prudent to wait for the official word and avoid trouble. What is the point of snatching a few weeks or months' RTB revenue, when there are more important consequences at stake.

    Sure, all MGAM longs wish CA tribes would rush in and buy all the RTBs they can hold, but the time is not right to push the state.

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    • Oh, you now speak for everyone on the board? Wow! Well, you certainly don't speak for me.

      Official word? Avoid trouble? The tribes are self-governing. They may go with NIGC interpretations, but they are plenty independent.

      The time is not right to push the state? Do you have anything you'd like to sell? Because I'd sure like to negotiate with you! This is exactly the best time for the tribes to push the state. Gray Davis is on the ropes. He needs dough, the tribes want more Class III machines. This is the time for the tribes to show Davis that if he won't play ball, they have an alternative - Class II.

      Weak effort, Souffle, weak.

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        Governor Grayout is also fighting recall so he has to deal.

        Grayout just showed up to break ground for the new Morongo resort (N on 101 then W on I-10 from Palm Springs). The tribe running Morongo hate the governor and they have RTB's, but there's a lot of prestige in having the governor stop by and it pays to be friendly during compact negotiations.

        Grayout was there but his people said it was not to stop the Morongo from contributing to the recall campaign, but that only means that the stop was only to stop the Morongo from kicking in $1-5M for the recall. Since Morongo hate Grayout so much then I'd suspect that the Morongo will kick in if the recall election looks close.