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  • bobaloo_oolabob bobaloo_oolabob Jul 10, 2003 12:28 PM Flag

    A Challenge

    Rather than all the sniping and counter-sniping the pro and anti MGAM forces have done lately I offer an alternative - a debate. I'm long MGAM. I challenge anyone who is short MGAM to debate the following proposition:

    Resolved, MGAM is a steal at $25.00 a share. It's twelve month price target is $60.00.

    I'm not locked into that resolution - I'm sure people could come up with better ones. Once we agree on a resolution I'll take the affirmative position with whoever will join me. Then we will debate whoever takes the opposite side. By debate I mean each side makes an argument (premises in support of a conclusion) to support their position. Each side attacks the other with counter arguments supported by available evidence or reason, not by flinging about a bunch of questions.

    Feelin' lucky?


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    • Based on consensus, I don�t see this stock hitting $60 during the next twelve months.

      It�s interesting to view MGAM�s stock price in conjunction with its earnings growth during the last 3 years. What was once a triple-digit grower has turned into a mediocre player. Sure you could argue that MGAM�s woes are related to the NIGC�it�s special. But when you compare this stock to high-flyers of the past, there�s nothing all that unique about it.

      A troubling sign, and you�ll see this time and again with many former winners, is that �earnings� have quietly stopped wowing the Street. You see this reflected in I.B.D�s EPS rating�a proprietary gauge that compares a company�s earnings growth on both a current and annual basis with all other publicly traded companies. MGAM gets a mediocre 68�that is, it outperforms 68% of all publicly traded companies. That�s a far cry from the 99-rating it garnered throughout most of its massive run-up.

      In order to hit $60, MGAM will likely need to start impressing the Street again by not only beating expectations, but also raising guidance thereafter�just like the good-ole-days. 60-cents this quarter�and 65 the next? That ain�t gonna cut it.

      IMO, trying to predict the future economic environment as well as stock prices�is a game for suckers. Even the best minds seldom get it right. While many here are pondering which state will fix their budget deficit by using MGAM�s products�or, how far the stock will soar once a ruling is announced�they�ve missed out on one of the best bull markets in a long, long time.

    • Bob. The problem is you don't have the facts and there are others that do and that is why the stock is where it is. You have a closed mind and you attack anyone that wants to intervene. You aren't trying to argue objectively, you are trying to protect your position. Have fun, I would rather concentrate on making money. I don't care any more about this board so you have lost my imput. And believe me, I know a lot more about this situation than you do.

    • New York State's market alone is pegged at 18,000 teminals to start with. And there are always increases in number of machines after the system is up and running, particularly with New York's huge budget deficit. The New York market is large, as big as a number other states combined, plenty of tracks and a big population base. New York will probably eventually easily have 30,000-40,000 VLTs.

      Pennsylvania will be getting VLTs next year and new tracks are in the planning stages there. Maryland is probably set for passage next year. Canadian tracks are almost all increasing number of VLTs.

    • Actually, if you read and comprehended my post you'd see I might lower the top end of my resolution - I'm not sure yet.

    • I think you are open minded. You put up the challenge. Then, based on posts by the opposition, you lowered your own expectations (more realistic).

    • I only speak for myself.

      I wish you wouldn't keep lowering yourself to my level with your sophomoric name-calling. It's very unprofessional (not to mention hypocrytical).

      I like how you and your short-buddies accuse me of being close-minded then you label my posts fabricated before I can even make them. Further evidence of your hypocrisy.

    • Well excuse me. Do you speak for that other jackass too?

      Since the discussion is about your 12 month prediction (which you are going back on now after some strong well-researched posts by the opposition) I assumed he had some really interesting information about new VLT states that no one else has.

      We could easily go thru the states right here (there are only 50 of them) and figure out which ones are not going to get VLTs in the next few years.

      Well, since you need 24 hours to fabricate your research, I guess we'll just wait.

    • Do you ever make constructive posts? Ever? Or do you just nag, whine, and bitch. There was a reasonable case made here this morning that the VLT product will become more attractive to states as they continue to sink in financial trouble. I assume no new VLT markets for MGAM in 12 months but I could imagine one or two states would open in 24 to 36 months. No, I don't know which ones any more than you know if OK will go into special session.

      Quit taking yourself so seriously - no one else here does.

    • $60 a share? That is absurd.