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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Nov 5, 2003 11:12 AM Flag

    OT: TGLEF.OB moving to AMEX

    on 11/10 (next monday) under the symbol TGA.

    Consider this a gift for those of you who are watching MGAM go down today.


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    • I agree with you on one level. An obvious troll deserves to be ignored. However, it is helpful to flush out one who starts tring to appear to be reaonable and even handed as quantum tried less people think his points are valid. Quantum's true colors came out pretty easily, though.


    • Here here!

      We can all agree on several things here folks...

      1. IGT is entering Class II

      2. Class II is and will be a rapidly expanding market regardless of who is in it.

      3. MGAM is currently the market share leader in Class II.

      The future is uncertain - but hey it always is! Nobody cares that you think eachother are idiots - you're just making a mess of the board.

    • Yeah that�s it; quantum_analyst, who manages a $500-million hedge fund, suddenly finds himself on the wrong side of a trade. So what does he do? In an act of pure desperation, he goes directly to where the big money lurks�Internet Chat Rooms.

      I�m going to fill you in on a little secret. The important money�the kind that moves stocks e.g. mutual funds, pension funds, banks and insures�don�t waste time writing posts on message boards�they don�t.

      Those that do�e.g. you, me, Mrs. Kellerman�s 5th-grade investing club (the Gremlins) and our senior citizens (who have nothing better to do and won�t hesitate to fill a board with investing advice, T.V listings and local weather forecasts)�hardly have what it takes to put a major dent in almost any stock.

      In the overall scheme of things, we�re insignificant.

      Never average a losing game.

    • responding to this one guy. He wont leave until you ignore him.

    • PS, get back to me when your silly bulletin board POS makes up the 200% performance lag to MGAM....then maybe I'll give you some credit. Until then, you're a dope.


    • Bottom line, your stock has been a piece of shit over a longer time period while MGAM has soared. You made up ficticious purchases at made up prices and you think anyone will believe you? Are you 10 or 11?


    • LOL, name calling was for immature people I thought, jackass?

      I like my link a WHOLE lot's for a lot longer and for a lot larger spread. Throwing your stupid drivel in your face using your own tactics throws you for a loop, eh? Fun stuff.


    • wouldn't surprise me.

      ...and this tells us he hasn't been paying close attention lately:

      "Now, today, you have no legal MGAM machines whatsoever being played on Indian lands..."

      q_a, you might want to check out the Full Text of the 8K from October 27th before you make any more uneducated assumptions.

    • Quantum remembers things that happened over a year ago, yet he has never appeared on this board until recently. That tells me that he and his fund have been short MGAM all this time. He never covered and recently has been losing his ass. So now, all of a sudden, he appears on this board out of desperation, to try to convince us all to sell .

      Hey quantum, which hedge fund are you involved with. Blue Ridge, Rocker Partners, West Highland.....

      "Remember when MGAM filed a shelf offering?"

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