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  • dave47infl dave47infl Nov 6, 2003 8:03 AM Flag

    Buyout by IGT a no brainer

    With 13.12M shares at $50 a share it would cost IGT $656M to buy MGAM. IGT has 1.31B in cash - yep that's BILLION. Looking at IGT & MGAM PEGs why would the shark IGT want to fight the battle when they could win the war so easily by swallowing the gold fish.

    Using IGT script, a 2sh IGT for 1 sh MGAM would be even easier!

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    • You're right, such a letter wouldn't be a threat, that would be action. So what? You haven't taken that action - you're just making threats about it.

      Hey, I see I've got you pissed off again - man you're easy! Dance little man! Dance!

    • A letter to the SEC indicting a violation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is no threat shit-for-brains.

      It is how serious investors try to clean up what is a serious isue with these boards.

      lvr has a long history of getting nearly into trouble here on the mgam board...look back for posts for lvr2000 and lvr2001 and lvr2002 and lvr2003, and ask yourself why he is now lvr1999........

    • Ooooh! A threat from the little man! Ouch!

    • And your position with MGAM please and your source for the information I will soon nclude in my letter to the company?

      I don't fuck around guy.

    • .

      If $250K is typical for quantwerp, then he could impress me by shorting 10,000 shares of MGAM.

      I'd be even more impressed if he shorted 20,000 to 50,000 shares. That should be no problem for a guy with a pool and dog.


    • yeah, bobaloo_oolabob has a bigger one than you quantum, and a bigger portfolio too

    • .

      Wouldn't you just know it's a Democrat twerp, bragging about how much he's made because he's so insecure, while thinking that he helps the little guy to ease his conscience.

      I bet he even has a Hula-Hoop.


      I placed 250 grand in it over the past 12 months and you compute what it is worth.

      I guess it is hard for you to imagine someone sitting in a nice home in Arizona, (it is a little chiily today, in the 70's) by the pool, playing with the dogs, day trading and making 5 to 6 figues a day.

      I understand that you have a hard time with that and I don't hold it against you.

      I do however use internet cafe's. I prefer Starbucks but Coffee Plantation is also nice.

      How much do you have in the market?

      If you are ashamed to say I will understand.

      7000 illegal machines huh.

      I wonder why the government hasn't shut them down, assuming you are right and you are always right - right?

      You little people amaze me.

      I bet you are a republican too.

      Araid to pay taxes because you cannot afford it.

      I pay a ton of taxes and I celebrate when I write the check.

      Buy little guy...have fun playing with your little MGAM.


    • Who's bragging.

      You are just out of your league.

    • LOL, it's easy to bring out the child in you. One day you'll learn the lesson that the person who brags how much they have is invariably full of shit....and you take the cake, fool.


    • Well Jed Clampett, that's very impressive!

      However 250 grand wouldn't really be worth my time - I deal in much larger stakes than that!

      The government, through NIGC, is in the process of getting the tribes to shut down the 7,000 machines. If you knew anything about Class II you'd know NIGC held off enforcement pending completion of Classification opinions on the MGAM and SDG games.

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