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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Nov 6, 2003 2:08 PM Flag

    quantum screwup (2)

    Investors who think taht name calling is equivalent to making money make me laugh at the innocence in the world.

    Tell me oh money man, how much real money have you made on MGAM?

    I have a friend who was heavily inveted in MGAM based upon one of lvr's aliases and he lost his friggin shirt when it collapsed.

    It will collapse again.

    This is a small one trick pony company and when that trick runs out the carny will shut down.

    Graves left at its peak.

    You seem to think that simply showing games is equivalent to putting a business plan into action.

    IGT will be doing so next year and that alone will place a restraint on the stock price and will keep the PE going down so fast that the stock price cannot rise even IF earnings go up.

    Future guidance will diminish.

    Can't you see that future growth has already slowed with no bad news other than the maturing of the Oklahoma market?

    Man, can't you do any analysis.

    You notice don't you that you are only one of three postesr here in favor of this stock long term.

    Wake up.

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    • Name calling? I didn't call you a name. I described your actions (correctly) as ignorant. You were ignorant of the fact that IGT had already introduced their new games when you stated that all IGT had to do was come up with JUST ONE GAME and MGAM would go to 10.00. Doesn't matter who said it, that was an ignorant statement. You're the one who went off on the sputtering name-calling jag yesterday.

      I calculated the impact of IGT and other competition into my take on this stock once the NIGC letter came out - you're way behind the curve.

      MGAM is a one trick pony if you are ignorant of NY, San Pablo, lottery potential, charitable potential, and illegal OK machine replacement potential.

      Say, will you be throwing any punches today? Or are you just going to continue with your empty jabs?

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      • You are counting charitable gaming which has been discussed by MGAM for years and is still years away. You are counting REPLACING existing games as a revenue enhancement, existing games????? why not just count their revenue twice?

        I said one IGT game meaning one game that achieves market share...they can throw game after game at the tribes until one sticks and when that one sticks MGAM is cooked.

        I may be ignorant my friend but when I pay my taxes, which I gladly do, I pay more than you make in 10 years.

        And with that I must move on to make my closing decisions as that is where the real money is, in case you are 'ignorant' of that little fact.

      • .

        Gordon discussed future competition at length during his presentation at G2E in 2002.

        The bottom line is that MGAM would prosper with or without the letter and/or competition, and guess what -- Gordon was right!


    • Good to see someone with a brain on this board. Graves who knows this company best see's this stock is a screaming sell at these prices look at his actions 144 filings galore