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  • yahoo yahoo May 11, 2005 7:50 PM Flag

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    • Another fraud heard from. Only trust messages from the one who has posted under one name the longest the REEL DEAL.

      Why no posting under HLASVEGAS?Thank you.

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    • FRAUD!!

    • -->They are replacing them with "higher earning units". That does not sound like MGAM machines to me. New MGAM machines earn less, correct? <--


    • They are replacing them with "higher earning units". That does not sound like MGAM machines to me. New MGAM machines earn less, correct?

    • SouthFla, You obviously need some education on slot machines. You should call me. I may come out there and buy you lunch just to meetcha. We can go to a Luby's or Morrison's. If the buffet is open at the Hard Rock teepee where my buuuuud Charlie Lombardo is working at after getting run out of Vegas, we can go there. Bring the bobbbbbbsssssssssssss.Thank you.

    • Per your quote: "...the increase in the installed base of New Generation games was partially offset by a decline in the number of Legacy units, which continue to be removed as certain tribal facilities replace them with higher-earning units."

      I know they're talking about Legacy machines. The question is: are they talking about higher-earning MGAM units or competitors? From the context of the quote it appears they are talking about MGAM units. Increased new generation placements add to the installed base less the number of Legacy machines they are replacing.

    • You are crazy. The older MGAM machines performed better. That is a fact, and you can go back through the quarterly reports to prove that. Hold per day declining with new machines.

      They are talking about MGAM Legacy machines.

      The tribes were reluctant to remove the best performing MGAM illegals and replace them with the new MGAM machines. As I understand it, they replaced the poor performing MGAM machines/locations with new MGAM machines.

    • Exactly.

      You said "Negative: tribes continue to replace illegal MGAMs with higher performing machines"

      the implication of that is tribes are replacing MGAM machines with other manufacturer's machines (else why would it be a negative?).

      The fact is tribes are replacing outdated Legacy product with higher performing MGAM product. That's a positive.

    • MGAM beat their own guidance. There was no big surprise except for the jackasses pointing to the video and the supposedly full bill acceptors.

      Positive: strong balance sheet.

      Positive: > 20% growth

      Negative: growth driven solely by new machine placements

      Negative: growth not driven by increasing hold per day (what hapened to Winstar?)

      Negative: NY VLT delays (you scammers said it would start to contirbute THIS quarter), but it is not even going to contribute THIS YEAR

      Negative: Lyttons (you said they were going Class II)

      Negative: tribes continue to replace illegal MGAMs with higher performing machines

      Positive - increased guidance

      Some very strange statements in the PR.

      • 2 Replies to SoFlaStocks
      • good, mostly objective post.
        i stepped back this a.m. to re-evaluate my intentions w/this stock and still think it is way undervalued.
        @25x 65.00
        possible buy-out
        what's the problem
        doj?-not much risk there-plus 1-2 yrs out.
        competition?-they're considering buying the co.

      • $35.25 you guessed right on the EPS but remember, that makes you right exactly twice on this board.

        And hey, I thought you were opposed to name-calling. Typical hypocritical action from you.

        What about WinStar? July was MGAM's lowest hold ever yet this quarter equaled last in hold. As I and others noted here, if it weren't for WinStar, hold would be lower. Hold will improve as illegal machines are removed.

        If you're wrong you don't even acknowledge it. If the longs are wrong we're scammers. There you go with the name-calling again. NY VLTs (and corresponding revenue) coming.

        I noted the Lytton's public comment a week or two ago that they plan to negotiate for Class III. I also noted, and believe, they'll go Class II MGAM soon enough.

        Your note that tribes are replacing MGAM machines with illegal machines has no basis in fact.

        Bottom line - you're still the guy who cried wolf (sell) at $37.50 and sold at a net $35.35. Even after this morning's smack down those who ignored your advice have seen their holdings appreciate 15%.

    • Who cares?

      As usual, no one.