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  • blacklicorice1234 blacklicorice1234 Jan 28, 2013 5:21 PM Flag


    why would nt you guys be buying cvrr it s the same company but payin a lot better than the fertilizer company

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    • keoo2 Jan 31, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

      glad to see someone here has figured this out.1.18 a qt is better than .50

    • CVRR will pay a lot in the short term, but that level of payout is unsustainable. When spreads narrow, cash flow/distributions will drop significnatly and when that happens the price will reset at a much lower level. Refineries are notoriously boom and bust. Right now they are in the boom part of the cycle. It may last another year, it may not.

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      • liz I don t un derstand should you have not invested in google because eventually it will quit growin with cvrr the news just gets better higher gas prices they are returning the proceeds from the over allotment of 90 million dollars to us. more profit from gas prices. also they have a #$%$ load of tax write offs that we get to take advantage of. the only downside I see is if they have a catostrafic looks great I would say forat least a couple years with all our domestic oil rite there and kinda of a captive audience for their product. just a lot of good things they ve already done all their major shutdowns for quite a while not like nti which is goin to take a hit and maybe a major hit unless everything goes perfect. it looks like Icahn timed this perfectly for him and us. anyway good luck liz if ya have fears theres always the matress

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