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  • jjwhite63 jjwhite63 May 29, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    What is ex-div date for special dividend?

    I am VERY new to stocks. What date would I buy this stock to be a shareholder of record on June 3rd. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    • what you have going on here is a smelly Ponzi scheme, the parent company CVI gets the special dividend, and the money that was raised to pay the divvy was by diluting UAN and CVRR off shoots of the parent company. And it just so happens that Carl Icahn owns over 80% of CVI . Prolly sooner rather then later CVRR will drop and have a tough time recovering same as UAN . And in due time so will CVI . IMHO

    • 3 working days before

    • jjwhite63, I understand how you must feel about the stock market. By no means am I an expert, but I have 20 years experience of investing, and I am still learning. When I first started investing (for my daughter), I was overwhelmed and intimidated by the market. In the beginning, I lost a lot of money, but I slowly learned from my mistakes. **Anybody that claims to have never lost money is lying.** My advice (only my opinion) would be to wait for a healthy pullback (5%-10%) in the market. While waiting, begin researching and pick 5-10 stocks of good solid companies. Make sure you diversify. Go with what people use every, gas/oil, electricity, personal care products, medicines, electronics, clothes, etc. I am 40 years old, and my style of investing is old school and boring, but it allows me to sleep at night. Sometimes, I will sell (not all) and take profits. Then, I will wait for a pullback and purchase more. I might wait weeks or months before I purchase again. That is my strategy and it works for me. Some of my stocks and my daughter's stocks are ETN, GE, BGS, FLO, MCD, YUM, WFC, NLY, AEP, DUK, NKE, MCHP, KLAC, EMN, DD, T, VZ, LTD, AEO, CVS, WAG, MAT, DIS, COP, MRO, STO, BP, UAN, AZO, SMP, BGG, LEG, ABT, BMY and ISIS. Please remember these stocks and positions were added over several years. The Great Recession and the lows of March 2009 was a blessing. Your strategy is just as good as any experts. Stick with solid companies with good fundamentals and add positions very slowly. Good luck to you.

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      • Very helpful and I appreciate your time. I have been looking at some of those very stocks so that tells me I may be on the right track. Do you know of a really good book for dummies to teach fundamentals and terminology? I always need to refer to something that reminds me what the abbreviations and terms mean. Again, thank you for your time and consideration.

      • Hi Cd..I agree with you if I were 40 again. Because of our age we are forced by the gov to take distributions from our differed accounts. In our case making more is a tax incentive to grow our wealth, more of our social security/unearned income becomes taxable..Im happy with 5-6% a yr..witch is what the gov distribution mandates ..currently. GL..ahh to be 40 again

    • This stock? You could buy this stock on any date you like, but you still won't get the special dividend.
      You see, you have to actually buy the stock which is paying the special dividend, not just any old stock in the market.

    • Go back to school.

      CVR is not the company that's paying out a special dividend. They pay out extra cash every quarter as an MLP

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