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  • cpataxweb cpataxweb Aug 1, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    I am happy with the qtr

    Given both the environment and one time events. Will hold and collect high income and wait for price to go back to $30.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I was a big supporter of the $30 price after Q2. But now after what happened I have my doubts. Hanging on to this one, but setting sights a bit lower to the 26-28 range. After what happened to what should have been a huge quarter and what their expected earnings are for remainder of the year, I just don't have faith that they can reach 30 anytime soon now.
      Holding here to my strong position, collecting decent divvy and hoping we atleast see 26 by year end.
      Definately not a sell when sitting near its 52 week lows, but having a hard time feeling a buy either with limited upside

    • I ain't holding my breath. I thought for sure with record planting this year we would see 30 in short order, but the opposite happened.

    • Doesn't it bother anyone that the management knew of the nine day shutdown (10% of the quarter) back in May and June and in their wisdom, thought that this was NOT a major event that needed to be disclosed to the public? Are they aware that that they have only one plant, so they were 100% offline, from a revenue standpoint? If Southwest couldn't fly all their planes for 9 days, do you think it could be important (and required by the SEC) to let the market know right then? We all were trading the stock, absent of this information, for about 50 days based on their last guidance of $2.15-$2.45/yr in distributions. And then they slid it into the EDGAR filing, not even calling it out in a press release when they did come clean. I have been long this stock, hoping it goes higher, but someone refute the above as to what their responsibilities were in relation to this non-disclosure. If you are going to be in the "big leagues", you have to play by the rules.

    • I'll be with you here waiting

    • Ditto

      Sentiment: Buy

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