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  • mdickirson mdickirson Mar 23, 2009 9:38 PM Flag

    MELI! IS A DUD!!!! 500 POINT RALLY!!!

    It almost matched the Dow and Nasdaq performance for the day % wise. Can't ask for much more in a day like today. The market is moving in sectors now. The Banks had the day today(Which I own 200k Of :) Specs stock like this will have their day but it will take a few weeks. MELI will need to double the earnings again and that will catch the eye. Keep a small % here and look at other oppurtunities as well. Look at UNG, AA , XHB and even USB. They all have so much room to the upside just to get them back to January of this year. This should be fun.

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    • Yup.

      I shorted at $16.71 oin Wednesday 3/11/09 right before the close.

      Today as I type MELI is at $16.52 so MELI is flat in a market that is up about 500 points.

      So when market corrects what ya all think MELI is going to do


      Wizetrader Jim

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      • Let me get this straight.....You are actually celebrating 19 cents??? That's no longer there??? Then you put "LOL LOL LOL"??? The joke is on you!!! $17.30 as I write this. Now you are DOWN FIFTY NINE CENTS.

      • Obviously some "people" here need help with mathematics.
        The S&P500 hit its low on March 6th at 666.79 and is now up +22.96% at the moment from that low.
        MELI hit a low of $13.95 and is now up +24.01% since then. Hmmmmm, looks like slight out-performance. Not bad for a non-financial stock!
        Oh, and when the market went up 497 points yesterday, MELI was up over 6%....hardly "flat". Again, not bad for a non-financial stock.
        Just thought I would clarify the babblings of someone who is LOSING MONEY here. (Jaime gerberbaby)

      • Next stop for MELI is in the twenties J!!!!How is your short doing now? As I type MELI is 17.14 and going up..........LOL

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