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  • youareaneverbeen youareaneverbeen Jul 16, 2004 4:17 PM Flag

    Ok, viable growth, positive earnings...

    Take a look at the most basic chart. It is a loser that cannot promise to increase shareholder's value by increasing the money pool from fvm cash flow. It is overvalued and too expensive. It's a boring B2B company that partnered with another loser I2. I got out of I2 back when it was $22.

    Does anybody here understand WACC, ALPHA, BETA, FVM?

    I tried to explain this to day-traders a few years ago 2000-2001 and they still buy garbage like this hoping to make money in the SWINGS. Mind you some are great, I ran with Tokyo Joe.
    It was a short since the day it opened. Now listen up you bunch of faggots. Don't look at technicals for garbage like this.

    How easy is it to get quoted on a price for one of their products?
    How can you expand into foreign markets if your rep cannot converse in the native language?
    It's is about real sales, real cash flow and the ability to make shareholder's wealthy in the long-run by increasing the money pool.

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    • talk about disgruntled employees......

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      • Ha Ha, good one!!!
        I would never work for a company that's going out of business. I wouldn't even waste my time applying. If you are looking for a job at a publicly traded company the first thing you should look at is the stock chart.

        On the other hand, I recently got back into trading. I was playing real estate investment trusts and hedged commodities through a friend who is on the NYBOT. I was trading cotton, natural gas & coffee. Recently I went for a visit on the floor and I could not resist getting back into some action. I trade about 35 equities. I shorted this one a little while ago and I will get out at .92-1.05. Then I will watch from the sidelines or start hedging on options if possible. My profit will be tidy but not enormous. I rather be modest than come across as a big-baller.

        I researched them before shorting. I visited the Boston office and noticed they probably have a few call girls on staff for the discretion of upper mgmt. The dress and attitude was not appropriate for a company run by an ISRAELI born. The montreal office is a joke run by some tool who cannot speak the native tongue.

        It all about future projection on cash-flow and shareholder wealth.

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