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  • realinvestmentstrategies realinvestmentstrategies Oct 28, 2009 10:47 PM Flag

    Similarities to the correction of June, 1983

    Go ahead and check the charts, but in June 1983 stocks went negative for a few months after a very intense start to the Reagan bull market.

    Small caps got hammered much worse than Blue Chips. Pay attention to history.

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    • realinvestmentstrategies realinvestmentstrategies Oct 30, 2009 1:44 PM Flag

      Fluffed off the great GDP report.

      While my instinct tells me things will be negative on stockss for a while, it seems more like profit taking than an economic problem. The data is doesn't support a double dip recession, unless Washington does something really stupid.

      The hedge funds need back & forth swings to make real money, & my guess they're behind alot of this. There will be some nice buying opportunities coming up.

    • you are stuck in the past and change is getting tougher on you. out with the old way of thinking and in with the new. forget about the days of carrying a telephone in a briefcase. forget about trying to short this stock, cream will rise in any market and you know Click is a leader and winner in today's technology.
      get on board or the ship is going to leave the dock without you. think about your retirement, old man.

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      • realinvestmentstrategies realinvestmentstrategies Oct 29, 2009 12:12 PM Flag

        Babe, while I realize there is more than one way to skin a cat, I find looking at historical patterns useful, because history repeats itself.

        I started following stocks in my teens, and remember the 1973-75 market well. It's what made me so confident in buying more speculative stocks earlier this year. They were so oversold it was ridiculous, and history has shown that these cycles always end.

        But now we've had quite a run up and it looks like we are dangerously close to a correction that could last quite a while. Part of my reason is seeing what Click and a few others did when their financial s were released. It's the same way that 1982 bull market paused in June, 1983. That positive market psychology seems to have reversed.

        Of course no one is right all the time. In fact if we could be right just 55% of the time, we would make a mint.

      • "think about your retirement, old man."

        Said a mouthful there, 'babe. Especially when you are committing critical funds into 'growth stocks' that play games w/ the backlog and bookings #'s in an apparent attempt to mask a sudden lack of said growth. Not to mention ambiguous claims of future "wins".

        Judging by price action, not many are fooled, notwithstanding the unceasing efforts of the blatant and egregious pumpers that infect this board.

        Which leads to a more general question more interesting to me. Are the manipulative people who constantly use Yahoo boards to try to seduce people into buying or selling a given stock really most accurately classified as Evil Internet Trolls?

        I say YES. Certainly no rational person believes price can be moved for more than a few seconds by posting, so personal gain can be no excuse (unless the MM's pay you by the post).

        And any idiot that thinks they are such a genius that they are doing people a "favor" by giving advice are surely disabused of that notion quickly by the market reality.

        So what excuse? OCD?

    • back to 1983? are you archeologic ?

    • That's the beauty of Click: If businesses seek means to make their service processes more cost effective, which happens typically in times of doom and gloom - who are they gonna call? Right, Click Software.

      Another very beautiful aspect of CKSW that goes hand in hand with the close to 99% customer retention is that an existing installation base generates constant revenue while sales of new software is becoming more and more a means to and end - which is servicing their installed base.

      If Click's team and their partners can get this point across tomorrow, we'll be a big step ahead.

      But thanks for the info anyway.

    • thanks for the post - this looks interesting
      may we ask what happened after that year
      did both type of stocks go up - if so, by how much


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      • realinvestmentstrategies realinvestmentstrategies Oct 28, 2009 11:07 PM Flag

        Once the correction started in June 1983, there was some awful selling, often on good news. It seemed any information was taken badly.

        I've already seen that what happen to Click, happen to several other stocks in the last few days. We need to recognize that the market sentiment has changed.

        In 1983, the bad period lasted almost a year, but who knows with this one.

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