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  • thegunnerab thegunnerab Oct 25, 2010 11:33 AM Flag

    Maple is wrong Again


    You are full of BS.
    I told you there is no way they will come with 20 cents profit in Q3.

    I tried to explain to you that 6M in cash increase does not mean the profit is 6M.

    It means the had great collections during Q3.

    Now, as far as valuations, there is no way it will hit 10+ without a buyout.

    Based on sales and earnings it should trade Maximum at 3 X Sales, meaning around $210M, or $7 per share.

    I'm long many shares buy you have to stand behind your words, in this case 20cents profit in Q3 based on Cash position.

    People like you make me want to sell and move on.

    It just shows me you have no clue as I suspected,

    The Gunner

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    • never said that

    • Don't get upset Maple, if Gunner wants to sell because of "people like you", I wonder what was his rational in putting a strong position in CKSW. This just confirmed my earlier claim, the guy is a pumper and dumper, and has no real knowledge about the co. If he justifies a target of $7, and assigns a "Strong Buy" to this stock at close to $6.5, where is the logic for that ???!!!!
      to summarize : both of you are clueless....

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      • when i bought this last year , one of the biggest reasons that caught my eye was the fact , at that time the fundamentals were a very rare 11 positive and zero negative .. hardly ever see that and little clik was included in a list of 25 companies with " great earnings , sales and cash flow growth . clik was sitting in the list with the big boys like rimm , amazon , nflx , aapl , etc .. rather incredible to be included with such great company .. after that run to 9 , unexpected negatives entered the picture and today the fundmentals are down to 5 -1 . still pretty good but not the outstanding numbers that used to be . I was a bit surprized we never busted over that old high at that time .. in other situations , the stock would have broke out there .. now it seems as if many are hoping for a buyout .. i want to get back to the 11-0 fundamentals so we really can make that move to new highs . seems like the wall to climb over is getting taller .

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