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  • fujigrower fujigrower Apr 25, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    IBM and Skating Hard...

    Today's "Israel Overnight" article quotes Nate Scheniderman's concern that Click could fall short of its 20%+ growth guidance for 2013. The same report notes Click's 4.5% yield is the highest among 25 companies on the US-Israel Index.

    Nate's concern makes sense. A NASDAQ micro cap falling short of guidance can trigger near term panic.

    Last week IBM reported Q1 revenues dropped 5% YOY. This mornings WSJ article on CEO Virginia Rometty's video reprimanding her 434,000 employees is worth reading. Her message: We need to respond to customer needs and requests faster.

    And what ranks near the top of many IBM customer wish lists? Seamless mobile connectivity between the enterprise system and the workforce. An effective BYOD system. Seamless, user friendly business apps that improve employee efficiency.

    Wayne Gretsky's famous quote is: "Most players skate to where the puck is. I skate to where the puck is going to be." ClickMobile is heading to where the puck is going to be. Click's leadership team is skating hard (think 10% employee growth in 90 days) to beat competitors to that spot. And they are already well ahead of most of the pack. Halliburton could have chosen any mobility vendor on the planet for their 30,000 technicians. Same with DirectTV for 16,000 technicians, Portugal Telecom, Sempra Gas, etc.

    These blue chip customer wins have transition Click from a pure schedule optimization player to a mobility player. The strategic value of that position is not yet fully reflected in the revenue stream or in the $7 share price.

    Any tech company who arrives "where the puck is going to be" will see its revenue stream, profitability, share price and acquisition value all climb solidly. Click is skating hard to get there. This investor is cheering.

    Good luck to everyone.


    A company who arrives "where the puck is going to be" will see its revenue stream, profitability, acquisition valu

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    • Fuji,

      I like the skating analogy.

      Unfortunately, as you know, the real issues in being the assault force forming the initial beachhead are whether you arrive at the *right* spot and whether you have sufficient provisions and ammunition to stay alive until the relief force arrives.

      One thing I like about ClickSoftware is that it has sufficient capital on hand to be able to sustain itself if it should happen to make some sort of massive mistake. The gamble that ClickSoftware is engaged in requires a stellar balance sheet, and, fortunately, ClickSoftware's balance sheet is +Aaa.



    • From 2004:

      Under the companies' teaming agreement, IBM and ClickSoftware are collaborating on an integrated solution for wireless field force automation enabling engineers to send and receive updated information on customer requests, status of tasks, and alerts on delays. This allows for constant re-optimization of workload, schedules and logistics in the field.

      Another combined offering involves the integration of an IBM smart device for remote monitoring (protocol) remote monitoring - (RMON) A network management protocol that allows network information to be gathered at a single computer. Whereas SNMP gathers network data from a single type of Management Information Base (MIB), RMON 1 defines nine additional MIBs that provide a , with ClickFix. Starting with symptoms detected by IBM's smart device, ClickFix remotely diagnoses the root cause of the problem, recommends the required skill set and parts, and creates a schedule request in ClickSchedule. Service engineers in the field receive a message from ClickSchedule, alerting them to a new task.

      "Teaming up with IBM deepens our presence in the growing worldwide marketplace for workforce optimization solutions," said Dr. Moshe BenBassat, Chairman and CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board. of ClickSoftware. "Our complementary solutions and core competencies will combine to produce leading-edge workforce management solutions for our customers."

      "IBM is hands-on with the latest in technologies to improve our customers' performance," said Guido Bartels, Vice President, Pervasive/Wireless Solutions, IBM EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Refers to that region of the world. For example, one might see products packaged differently for the UK, EMEA and Asia Pacific markets. . "ClickSoftware is an excellent addition to our extensive field force automation portfolio."

    • Just a google search shows IBM partnering with tivoli for mobile scheduling. I dont know if this is in direct competition with Click but it wouldnt surprise me that there are others besides TOA.

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      • You are so stupid that it hurts !!! Obviously, you have no clue in software.
        Tivoli is part of IBM and the scheduling you are referring to is workload scheduling on mainframes and other servers. Is scheduling of processes, not

        It is not mobile workforce scheduling. IBM embedded Click's software in their software.

        Please focus only in what you understand and know.. I guess it is not much !!

        The Gunner

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    • "Halliburton could have chosen any mobility vendor on the planet for their 30,000 technicians. Same with DirectTV for 16,000 technicians, Portugal Telecom, Sempra Gas, etc."

      I understand your hopes and dreams, but just wanting something to be true doesnt make it so. In order to get to 20% growth for the year Click has to do about 25% going forward. I dont see that happening. Maybe they will, but I doubt it. What will be interesting is how the market reacts.

    • The question remains, why IBM is not writing a check for $400M-$500M and buys Click?
      They spend that kind of money on start-ups !!

      The Gunner

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      • You mean you dont know. And here I thought you KNEW EVERYTHING!!! I would think you could just call the IBM CEO and ask.

      • Gunnar,

        Over the past five years one of the upside potentail scenarios for Click has always been an acquisition offer from one of the tech giants. Several things have changed.

        a). CKSW's revenue stream has grown from $25 million to $100+ million, their enterprise customer list expanded to over 200, the staff level to over 500 and they've moved to the #1 position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service.

        b). Click has transformed from a "schedule optimization" vendor to a mobility company who also offers an industry leading schedule optimization suite.

        c). Mobility is emerging as a top priority in almost every organization.

        d). The tech giants, including Oracle, IBM, SAP, MSFT, Accenture and HP, still don't offer a cutting edge solution in Click's mobility/schedule optimization niche. SAP is attempting to cobble one together with their Syclo-Sybase combination.

        e). Oracle, IBM, MSFT and HP are all sitting on mountains of cash earning 1% and have seen their revenue growth stall. The CEO's are not happy. Their shareholders are not happy. SAP's aggressive acquistiion strategy has paid off. The other gorillas may be slow but not completely blind. If any of them decides to strengthen their mobility program, CKSW could provide instant offense.

        I do not recommend any CKSW investor holding their breath for an acquisition. But for long term investors, ClickMobile puts CKSW in its strongest position ever in both attractivenss and value as an acquisition. In my opinion that intrinsic acquisition value is not reflected in $7 a share. And that acquisition value has little to do with whether Click grows by 20%, 22% or 18% in 2013. It has everything to do with continuing to win blue chip customers and successful implementations.

        Good luck to everyone.


    • Fuji:
      Thanks for your input. I hate to buy more than what I have but if there is panic and this goes down, I am adding more, at least for short term.

    • Fuji,

      Great take as always.

      The Gunner

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