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  • ajpb ajpb Jul 24, 2013 12:24 PM Flag

    Lets hear some positive spin on CC and the report...?

    To all long share holders who continue to hold and hope...
    Can you please provide some positive spin out of the CC and the Q2 report?

    Persoannlly and as mentioned, Why on earth anyone want to buy (or hold on) to CKSW at this time when:
    1) A 37% drop in dividends (with a high probability of it being eliminated completely by the end of this year pending how bad of a loss the company comes to face in light of the dramatic shift in their un-anticipated business model).

    2) Loss vs. so much bragged about earnings earlier in the year.

    3) Management's loss of credibility for: a) Not anticipating how the business model changes to a subscription model vs. license. And b) for foolishly bragging about how great the second half of the year was going to be when it in fact is well known to be worse than the first half by far.
    So shareholders are expected to hold in the hope of " long run CKSW would do great?
    Disclaimer: I have sold 98% of stake in the stock holding on still some shares to see how the story ends.

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    • Positive spin??? Just go back six months or so ago and read the posts. That's all there is. Positive spin on how click is the next CRM, how the dividend is safe, how click is like investing in an electric utility and on and on with BS about how great a CEO moshe is. You don't need positive spin here. You need a realistic assessment and that is sorely lacking on this board. Click apparently has this power to make dumb people fall in love with the stock and CEO.

    • Sell the last 2% so we can move substantially higher,
      You are holding us down, lol.

      The Gunner

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • well... I sold in the $7.4-$7.8/shr taking about 6.5% loss. The loss was huge (to me anyway) as I could have used it instead of put a down payment on a rental property I had in mind. With my remaining 2% I can sell but then for the first time I feel it is NOT me who is holding down the stock. :)- In fact the opposite. CKSW at this time has absolutely no business being in the $7's range as it is way over its head. At best it should be in the very low $6's (which inevitably it will get there within 4 weeks if not sooner). I will go further on the record and say that it in fact should be in the $5's as the loss for next quarter also becomes apparent by mid September.

        Like I said, I am holding on to my remaining shares which is still a good chunk of money in terms of absolute dollars, to see how this story evolves. Eventually CKSW will be in the low teens (most likely will be bought out). But that will be far ahead in the future (perhaps 2015-2016).

        In the meantime, rest assured of CKSW's inevitable fall to the low $6's (and even high $5s). And of course I will continue to remind you of that - and when inevitably the fall happens to tell you "I TOLD YOU SO!". LOL

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