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  • per_a.jacobsen per_a.jacobsen Sep 10, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    Ok, so the per share price is near-free fall, but....


    Well, I understand the sentiment here, but frankly with a handful of large chunks, for an aggregated volume of 1.5 million shares, having traded out since July, the slide is sort of understandable. Moreover, it might take an event to reverse it.

    But, and I am saying this just to keep us honest, this is nothing new. CKSW has always had massive yearly volatility as we can see from the 20F:

    High Low
    ($) ($)
    2008 4.00 1.81
    2009 8.43 1.88
    2010 8.07 4.82
    2011 10.70 7.24
    2012 12.98 6.88

    Besides, I didn't see the shareholders sending a signal to the BoD in the last proxy.

    So, paraphrasing, Bob 'Bob' Shelby in Haiku Tunnel, perhaps we should just go back to our desks, settle down, focus, and catch up.



    P.S. Fire away boys.


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    • Will reload in the $2's for breakup value.

    • P.S. Along the line of settle-down, there really is no reason to call or email the CEO at this point. Given the panic on this board, I am sure he is fielding massive amount of calls from the institutional investors (who, don't forget, holds something like 40% of the float.) His phone lines are burning down, I am sure.

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      • If you look at quarterly sales they went in 2012

        19 million, 21 million, 27 million and 28 million

        2013 so far

        24 million, 24 million.

        More performing, less promising that doesn't come true.

        So why aren't all these extra sales people hitting the top line???

      • Somebody I suspect has decided that this quarter will probably not be great (no surprise). And I think people are accepting all this "investment" is not getting results, therefore just blow out the stock and move on. TOA has about the same number of employees but they are increasing sales dramatically. The back half of the year is turning out to be a big bust for click. But when I suggested it best to wait and see I was criticized. If clicks plans worked out, some gains might have been missed on the way up, but look what you would have missed on the way down.

      • vo2macs Sep 12, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

        Yes, and given the fact that I have established a rapport with Moshe, I have every right to email him just as much as the institutional investors do. I believe every shareholder has that right and now more than ever is the perfect opportunity to exercise it. I hope his phone line burns OFF the wall. Maybe he will get the friggin message. The smaller independent shareholder is hurt much more than the large institutions when things go south this badly.

    • I just did some research and the last time click traded in the low sixes was the fall of 2010, about three years ago. But back then the 2011 estimates was 43 cents a share and click was indeed growing at 20 percent annually. At this price with the net assets carved out the price was a hair above 10 times earnings. Back then it was a buy (and I bought from my trade slips 10 thousand shares). Now its a wait and see. I am not much of a chartist except to see trends. The downward trend is firmly in place. I am not buying until that downward slope is broken.

    • There was a great article on yahoo finance recently with the headline Sometimes the best investment Decision is to....................Do Nothing. To often investors think they have to do something anything with available cash otherwise they are missing out. Not true. Many times its better to just sit tight and be patient and not buy. The problem with click is they spent a lot on more sales staff and more research and that has not yet hit the bottom line and we don't know if it will or just be a continuing cash burn. If you wait for a good quarter, yes you might miss a little on the upswing, but what many people forget is they missed the downswing if things didn't turn out. That's a lesson that took me thousands in losses to learn. I think a lot of people got in at eight and nine and ten (maybe more) thinking that back half will be wonderful and I had better get in now or I will miss out. Miss out on what I would ask. They could have reported a great second quarter and people still could have gotten in and made money. There is no reason to get in now. Its broken multiyear support and there is no catalyst in the works. Right now I am again looking at click as a value play. That's how I have made my money. Not as a momentum growth story. If you invested in click like its a momentum play, you lost your shirt buying too high.

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