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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts May 13, 2009 5:33 PM Flag

    guy on CNBC, a guest the way he pumped endp

    he sounded very scared like he did not expect it to go to where it is and does not want to see 8 or 9 area.

    Like other companies that have more going on for them, better management, cheaper share price. King Pharma blows endo away

    Actually acura pharma on the otcbb is better.

    Endo drugs are much too expensive, they should have worked out a deal to split the money with Purdue pharma to make the roxycodones they made in the past because those were good and worth the extra money, (they were 2 to 3 times better then the regular generic roxycodones.

    Ever since endo was sued and told to stop, they have gone down hill.

    Doctors don't want to subscribe their chit and nobody wants it because you can't abuse it or take it the way you want to.

    The naked shorts, along with virtual shares and fake shares in the system, ENDO is headed to 9 unless the crooked SEC does its job and enforces the uptick rule and brings it back.

    We all know how much of a joke Reg sho is and if the house and senate will not do something about this, then they are paid off or scared for their life if they do something. Scared of the vatican assassins getting an assignment which is them. The secret order "the nights malta" and the black pope, tells everybody what to do, and they are so secret and have their pope palace considered its own country which means so investigation or federal raid could happen no matter what they are doing down in the bottom where nobody is allowed to go. They even have a policy, you can't read one of their books in front of them until it is over 100 years old. This is so people can't talk to the writer,ask him questions, prove he is full of it. As if the red pope did not look like the evil guy in star warz, the black pope is out of sight.

    End of June or July, late release for the Iphone, will help Palm even more when June 5th they release their new smartphone the bloggers and tech geeks have checked out and are calling it the "Iphone slayer"

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