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  • marz_tommy marz_tommy May 14, 2012 4:31 PM Flag

    Senate Investigation of ENDO

    groups that are meant to look like grassroots organizations, but are more aptly described as astroturf. (That’s) because they’re artificial organizations created to serve the drug companies interests but meant to look like a grass roots groups. And these groups lobbied states and federal agencies to make sure that there would be no limit on overprescribing. But you now have other manufacturers who have gotten in the game and it’s become a very big business and you have millions of people who are now dependent on these medications. And you have people who may never be able to get off them. There’s also a thriving black market for these products. But these medications are as addictive as heroin. The street value for some pills are $40 each. So it wasn’t long before other companies realized Purdue had a good thing going. For instance, Endo Pharmaceuticals sells Opana

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    • Yes , I think "astroturf" organizations should be held liable for fraud.
      But let me assure you that when i had been sliced from crotch to diaphragm, had my guts set aside in a bucket, and had my lymph nodes along the spine dissected out, and then i was sewn back up...I was extremely grateful for the opiates i got.
      And when they dropped me off a gurney the next day,
      I was grateful then too.
      The success of the war on drugs, speaks for itself.
      When i was in Holland, drug addicts signed up , got their supply and weren't much problem.
      We pay way more being Puritans about it.

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