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    The Stop Tampering of Prescription Pills Act
    “The STOPP Act throws up a stop sign for people trying to adulterate a prescription medicine’s time-release or immediate-release mechanisms. Today, people try to get high by crushing pills into powder, chewing them, dissolving them in water, or by injecting them. What we hope to do is make opioid painkillers tamper resistant. Technologies exist today to make it much more difficult to abuse these medicines. Both Purdue and Pfizer have developed tamper-resistant products, and several other companies are working on similar versions. The STOPP Act is guided by a simple principal: If a drug presently on the market has a tamper-resistant feature, then all other drugs with similar chemical properties must eventually have that feature as well. Companies that refuse will be told by the FDA to reformulate or withdraw their drug from the market. It becomes a ‘use it or lose it’ proposition.

    If you wish to give support to this bill you can do so at the following site. It will send an electronic message to your state representative and is anonymous.

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    • You can't effectively legislate behavior, especially with drug addicts.
      This kind of legislation is self-rightous masturbation at best.
      Every law comes with unintended consequences...Imagine the cancer patient, slowly dying under a burden of escalating agony......Their present dose level stops doing the job, but the next dosage level reduces their mind to mush...
      So they crush the pill and take a carefully measured portion of their prescribed pain killer.....BAM...Instant Criminal!!!!

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