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  • beckyribbons beckyribbons May 21, 2014 11:31 AM Flag

    Stop sign

    I have this on radar for some time. But the company really needs some IR help. News is always vague and never any follow up. They post more on Facebook then market wire. As well back and forth from stop sign to current doesn't bode well.

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    • Wow.. Somebody else watching. I have a few shares but have given up. a entertainment company that refuses to entertainment shareholders is of no value. I see the Facebook posts as well. Ceo continues to say how hard she works. My question is for who? When you decide to go public you owe shareholders some communication.

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      • If you know about this company you wouldn't sell your shares. This is one of a few small cap companies actually looking to work out a business plan first, instead of just a pump and dump speculative penny stock.

        True their share price does not move often but this is due to long time holders and currently lack of new investors. I do believe with all that is going on once the company has all of their ducks in a line, they will then focus more on the share price. Currently they are focusing on the business end of things and isn't that what you would want a company to do?

        With positive news coming in due course the share price will follow. If you are looking for a quick flip you may or may not get it in the short term, but hold and accumulate shares in this company I think you would be rewarded if you have the patience, funds, and time to accumulate until everything is lined up to execute by management.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • I watch closely and if you read the latest press release------events are happening and it all looks positive for BSEG

        I know BSEG is working on getting the latest financials out and the 'stop' sign will be gone.

        This is a 'for real' company and just consider your purchase down here at .03 is like buying an option on the company with no expiration date.

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