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  • buyornotto buyornotto Feb 21, 2013 2:17 PM Flag

    Here is my logic that Qcom will not be dominant in RF space. This why and you should read my opinion.

    Take a closer look at Samsung. You can see if you let Samsung control the markets for chips, what do you get? Big trouble for phone makers because Samsung can enter into your turf at some point in time and dominant that market and kill you as a phone maker.

    Now, what if you give every part of the phone chips? Once Qcom dominates the phone chip market, what prevents them not to make phones like Samsung has been doing?

    You see, if you let Qcom make every chip within a phone, they basically can build the shell and become the phone maker. So, My advice for phone makers and for companies like AT&T or Verizon, they better not let QCOM be one chip company controlling the whole phone market or the consequence will be deadly as you can witness with Nokia or Motorola and even BlackBerry. HTC or any phone company out there.

    So, logically, phone makers will take very cautious decisions to allow QCOM into this space of RF front end. I believe even the Chinese phone makers will think really hard before they ever order any such RF chips from QCOM because all you have to do is look at what Samsung has one and what they can do to the entire industry from TV sets to appliance to phone making. One day even for tablets and laptops and computers.

    Companies have to be very careful who they buy the chips from because once they are powerful, they can eat you alive. Your business help to kill you establish. What I'm saying is your vendor is the one going to kill your business.

    This is true in the cell phone industry. Another question is what prevents Samsung from not entering the phone carrier business such as service phone provider to kill AT&T? You see what I mean? So, any business must think hard before they let one company to be able to control the whole product you are making.

    This is why it is wise to separate dram makers, processor makers and analog chip makers. Never allow one company or two be able to become the main dominant for all the chips within device.

    So, I predict, QCom will not be able to enter into this market with high volume even if they offer this for very cheap pricing. If they offer this for free, this is an indication they will want to make phones in the future just like Samsung is doing now. I'm betting QCOM one day will also be making consumer end products. I think even Apple will do the same. It is just a matter of time.

    JMO, MIng.

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