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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 28, 2013 6:38 PM Flag

    ObamaCare is HAMMERING Middle-Class Americans


    You're "Middle Class"... So Why Is Your Heatlh Insurance SkyRocketing?.The reason is because FIRST and FOREMOST, Obamacare is a "wealth-redistribution" law...

    ... and "SECONDLY", it is a socialized-medicine law.

    The most heavily subsidized citizens for Obamacare will be the 45% of americans who don't pay the Federal Income Tax. Those people are Obama's "core constituency"... they will get the best deal.

    Another 15% of americans will all get a "pretty good" deal under the Obamacare subsidy scheme.

    Obamacare's creators knew that more than 60% of americans must be "net beneficiaries" of the program in order to preserve Obama's popularity among his core constituency... something he learned from one of his most ardent supporters, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

    But if you work like an SOB... maybe at 2 jobs... and you earn a decent, "middle-class" income of $60k to $90k per year... then LOOK OUT... because Obamacare's subsidies for all those other people are going to be paid for by YOU...

    ... and if you don't obey Obamacare... well, that's what the 16,000 new IRS agents are being hire for, and they KNOW where you LIVE.

    .If President Obama nails a middle-class citizen with 3 to 4 thousand dollars of additional health insurance premiums, then, is that a "middle class tax hike".

    Yes, Virginia, it is.

    Socialism relies on "wealth re-distribution", and Obamacare is a socialist law, that relies on providing free or low cost health insurance for the people who elected him...

    ... and relies on all you hard-working, middle class people with 2 jobs just to make ends meet... to PAY for their coverage, with double and sometimes TRIPPLE the premiums you would be paying if you had elected somebody ELSE as president in 2008.

    Why do 45% of americans pay no federal income taxes... and why do the top 5% pay over 60% of all the federal income taxes collected...

    ... because we are a socialist country now, and in the eyes of most americans, the more we can hammer anybody who works hard and saves... and send them packing to other countries to escape all of this... the better.

    The day is fast approaching when 98% of americans will be looking for jobs, while those who invest in jobs-producing industry will be busy building their businesses in countries where Obama can't punish them... and hiring THEIR citizens.

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