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  • addedupon addedupon Nov 11, 2009 6:57 PM Flag

    Family history is a certain winner!!

    Ancestry research is an absolute long term winner and if the ACOM leadership remains honorable and takes care of its customers, shareholders will realize multibagger returns.

    ACOM has a google like head start in the geneology sector; with effective marketing and easier access to the subject matter, this company has the opportunity to tap an enormous latent demand for ancestry research. Up to now, the addictive passion for geneology reseach has been limited to the few who happen to have abided in a small circle that fosters exposure to family history. the internet offers that exposure to millions more people and facilitates inherent addictive inclinations of many to family history who up to now do not know how to begin.

    facebook is not much of a threat but rather establishes synergy for ACOM. facebook is for connecting with the living and can stimulate more intense interest in ancestors who have passed.

    geneology is certain to grow rapidly, IMO. whether ACOM does it right and emulates jeff besos and the winning or becomes vulnerable, weakened, and overtaken as yahoo and many others were, is a matter of ACOM managerial choice! remember, rotten leadership can botch up even a sure thing!!

    ACOM, do no evil, innovate, and take care of your customers, and you may prosper beyond all expectations. as i get to know the leadership and become comfortable that they are able, shareholder friendly, and honest, i shall add to my position. on the other hand, should they turn out to be just another overpaid corrupt group of wall street execs, i shall be gone as will their legacy. this huge opportunity is ACOM's to lose.

    warren buffett tells us that the best single indicator of ceo integrity is modest compensation. if they want to get rich, let them do it the Buffett way: low managerial compensation, no bonuses, no stock options. let them buy shares on the open market at the same price as the rest of us, let them risk their own capital; then let them do a good job and realize gains at the same rate as every other shareholder.

    no more gouging; no more greed permitted.