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  • jzandmebuddies jzandmebuddies Oct 30, 2010 5:41 PM Flag


    I signed up to the site for the free trial...I then signed up for Month by Month....

    I researched what I needed to research about my family and now I am trying to come up with a good reason NOT TO CANCEL my subscribtion....

    and I can't think of I am canceling...I think I paid 24.99 I am done with the service.

    Why would anybody want to stay a member for months?

    Am I missing something here?

    If you can answer that question...I will buy the stock.

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    • Perhaps you need to extend your research for ACOM to be benifitatial to you. After 12 generations the average family today has 1,000,000 ancestors. A month or two of researching hardley scarches the surface.
      While ACOM may not have info on all your ancestors, for the serious researcher, ACOM is the best source, to be found in one place.

      At the recent drop in price, I think it's a strong buy

    • the better question is when are they gonna have options a bit farther out than next May. If this stock gonna keep going up like this I'd like to get a bigger bang for my back than jsut buying the stock but I'd like to have a longer time to expiration in case somethign bad happens.

      I too don't understand why people would like this company either. But that's besides the point. Obviously lots of people do and they're making money so that's good enough reason for me to invest in it.

      And if it is like a social network site that's even better.

    • By the way, I started out like you did...just a couple of months to see if I could find this one vanished ancestor. That was 6 years ago and I have my license automatically renewed every year. And I have upgraded to the international license.

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      • They also have which allows you to create wonderful family tree posters, photo books and family books. I myself have created my family book there and update it all the time (meaning that I have to re-order the book every couple of years. You can't really research your family history in a month, I'm sorry. I have been working on mine for over 4 years now and it's an ongoing hobby.

        I bought ACOM when the IPO was first released - and I couldn't be happier with the results. ;)

    • They add new stuff all the time. It is addictive. You can contact other people researching the same people. is really a social networking site (think Facebook) with real content.

    • Wow. You sure got your family researched
      in a hurry. Most genealogists always have
      something to look up.
      It is up to the indivudal whether to buy the stock or not. IMO you are missing a
      chance of a lifetime if you do not buy.
      Just look at the price on Nov 5 last year
      closed @ 14.20 per share. Compared to the
      price now this looks like a pretty good profit to me. Good earnings, strong growth, etc.