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  • jzandmebuddies jzandmebuddies Nov 3, 2010 12:57 AM Flag


    I still didn't get an answer to my question.

    24.95 for a I am done.

    Do they expect me to pay $25 a month for a year or two...or six?

    I just don't see why I should keep paying. So I canceled.

    $300 a year? The facebook comparison was interesting...but facebook is free.

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    • Well, some people get farther with their research. I have owned the stock since January, and in June I finally got around to trying out the service. It has been incredibly entertaining. In some cases, I was only able to get back 3 or 4 generations (so far). In other cases I got back a few hundred years (and intersected with many other people's trees along the way). Much to my astonishment, one line went back to the first millenium. So now I have over 1000 ancestors on the tree, and I have far more people and hints to explore than when I started. Those who haven't made as much progress often quit for a while and then come back, either when they have new data or just to see if Ancestry has come up with new data to help them move forward. Management has often mentioned that 15%-20% of the new subscribers each month are actually returning subscribers. If you aren't getting value for your money, be assured that others are. Also, rest assured that when you die, while you will have to leave Facebook, you will become a free member of ancestry!

    • >>>>The facebook comparison was interesting...but facebook is free.<<<<<

      from the outset, ACOM negatives have asserted with futility that facebook was a competitive threat to ACOM.

      from the get go, i have hypothesized quite the opposite effect here and elsewhere. facebook has synergistic effect for ACOM stimulation!

      Facebook would be wise to buy ACOM. some major player is likely to do so before too long. the later the better for we shareholders.

    • The answer is that not everyone is interested in genaeology. People differ. No big deal. Back to Facebook, the big difference is that Facebook has only user-generated content while has detailed records on 6 billion people. It is all original source material that has been digitized and is searchable. An amazing resource.

    • To answer your question, "Why you should keep the service" I can tell you, you will miss lots of interesting things.I've been a member of for almost 10 yrs. I can not tell you how much I have found and how many of my great grandmothers sisters and brothers children/grandchildren I have found. Were are called Asimont cousins and there are only 10 of us at this time on e-mail, but the others are now in contact. I use facebook and it's not the same. I bought this stock the day it came out, only wish I had bought more. The new interest of the public to this research is why you should stay a member.
      As for getting all your information in one month, you are very lucky! Maybe you should share how you got it all so fast and verified it is all correct!

    • who givea a sheet that you buy ACOM or not? This board should not give you any explanation why you should buy this stock. How many share that you plan to buy, 2 shares. LOL.