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  • addedupon1 addedupon1 Feb 17, 2011 3:59 PM Flag

    Just added!

    bought 1000 more share at 34.55 just a minute ago to go with my 4000 which have average cost under $14.

    so far, ACOM is one of my best stocks ever; but as Joaquin Andujar said, "it can all be summed up in one word: youneverknow!

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    • my top 3 holdings all took a beating today, IVN, AAPL and ACOM. but how can i complain? my only regret is that i sold 70% of my AAPL at $206. thought it had become too big a holding. sad.

    • I was going to ask if anyone brought the horse up to the trough. I decided to wait. Does anyone else think this was a buying opportunity?

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      • I agree about you never know..

        this is one of my favorites based on concept - financials - growth - charts

        it would never let me in until today when I nibbled into the close at 34.45

        if it breaks down or disappoints on earnings que sera sera

        shorts smell blood as always

        a lot of weak hand perhaps

        but I kept bidding lower and caught a 10% discount - well off the new all time high

        and I watch 700 stocks every day

        good luck everyone - let's expect a great report

      • A nice, orderly, low volume pullback provides buying opportunities.

        A 9% selloff on massive volume, coming a day after a low volume breakout to new all time highs, on a day when the indices notch new highs, is not good.

        I took a beating today after adding yesterday. I don't know why I didn't sell. This may turn out to be a huge mistake.

        A lot of times, when a stock loses its 20 day average on high volume, it goes on to test its 50 day. Right now that is just under 33. I would tend to think institutions would step up and buy at that point, like they did in late December.

        Typically these pullbacks come during overall market corrections. The fact that it came at a time the market is making new highs is very concerning.

        I am hanging on but something smells rotten here. I would not be surprised if next week's earnings were leaked an institutons did not like what they heard and are running for the exits.

        This action is similar to AXTI last week. The stock lost 8% in one day. Since then it lost another 18%.

        Pardon me while I go puke.