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  • paul_speculator paul_speculator Apr 29, 2011 9:20 PM Flag

    Shorts got too aggressive.

    The short interest kept increasing every increasing every report (every 2 week). I could not believe that was happening considering how bullish the 'environment' was for this company. Almost made one think they would miss.

    The best time to buy was early this morning given the setup.

    Now the question is how much does this go higher on Monday. Given the rapid increase in short interest and short ratio increasing very fast in the past 2 months suggests we have another 10 to 15 dollars near term. That is just how these stocks work.

    Unique company; kind of a monopoly.

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    • you really think this will go higher?
      I'm thinking it will go up a bit on monday (short squeeze) and then drop to ~35

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      • The reasons:
        -the company had a big increase in shorts
        -It has been public only for under 2 years so the institutional accumulation may still be in progress
        -Most important is that traders have not really focussed on this kind of company; they are familiar with the Netflix, Apple, Deckers kinds of stocks.
        -It is now hitting everyone's radar.
        -It is a monopoly business and they have too big of a head start; the user created trees on their site makes the challenge even greater for new competitors.
        -Subscription business; who knows what other service they could add; that could be advertising supported
        -Infrasture in place for growth and expansion into new markets.

        Too bullish! Just coming on people's radar; has not really moved that much until yesterday. Potential gains is huge while it gets added to portfolios over time..
        100 looks like a reasonable target; could happen sooner rather than later if momentum is as strong as I believe.