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  • android_gramma android_gramma May 4, 2012 6:46 PM Flag

    You Have NO IDEA of today's news' Significance!!

    The majority of you people are absolutely CLUELESS about this company, what it does and what it's place in the history of the world will be. My view is born out of todays price reaction = NADA, ZIP!

    The DNA project has implications and ramifications far beyond what many here seem to be capable of grasping. Extrapolation will make you a fortune right here and I think it's going to happen soon, VERY soon.

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    • Oh, but I do (have an IDEA!)

      And don't think that they're going to STOP with "mobile Apps". He's not tipping his hand...but I AM!

      Facebook has just announced that they'll be creating a registry for ORGAN donors.
      Ancestry.Com just announced that they're going into the DNA acquisition and storage repository.

      More than BRILLIANT, It's INEVITABLE~

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      • Interesting discussion guys, but do you think Zuckerberg would be willing to part with upwards of 2.4 billion to take over ACOM and their soon to be DNA database? Because that is what I believe it would take to even BEGIN to suggest that Sullivan vacate the helm. He won't go cheaply and from the looks of things, there will be no war of attrition either; he has plenty of equity in the coffers (48 million in cash, 67 mil in net income last q, w 51% yoy earnings growth).

        Furthermore, they had better move fast if they're going to beat Google or even Amazon(? I know weird, but not improbable) to it.

        This is NO BS in my view, it's for real.