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  • Has anyone heard anything about demand for ACOM's new DNA product? The website claims that demand is "sky-high" so how should we be interpreting this? The product appears intriguing. Might this open the door to people discovering their genetic predispositions to certain diseases and health concerns, which it would seem could cause a pretty big uptick not necessarily in ACOM's traditional subscriber base but in the more casual, otherwise disinterested, consumer who's merely interested in knowing their heritage without doing the grunt work? I don't think even the analysts are very sure how this product will impact ACOM's business. Thoughts?

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    • I started using FTDNA over 5 years ago and have have been unimpressed by the number of participants thus far. A large part of the process is comparing DNA results and without a large number of participants results are limited in many ways.
      Let me say this about It is allowing "name collectors" to copy thousands of family trees to their own family tree with a click of a button whether the information is correct or not. So information from Ancestry is less reliable by the day. I look for another genealogy site to take the top spot and I will then be leaving Ancestry (which I subscribe to for the online census info).

    • All I can say is that Zuckerberg had better act fast on this one. There are companies who could find the ultimate synergy with ACOM other than FB. Google and Yahoo both come to my mind almost immediately as does ILMN when coming from the tech angle.

    • The DNA test for which ACOM says demand is "sky high" is autosomal DNA testing [they also offer Y-chromosome testing and mitochondrial DNA testing at different price structures]. None of these types of DNA testing reveal any genetic disposition to diseases or other health concerns. They are for tracing family ancestry only. For a review specifically about autsomal DNA testing, see:

      Y-chromosome DNA testing traces only the male line, and mitochondrial DNA relates to the female line, but is less specific, usually only revealing a person's haplogroup (basically where in the world your ancestors come from like Gates talks about in the program Find Your Roots).

    • There's a company called Family Tree DNA thats been in the business since 2000, and they claim they are growing. They charge between $158-$258 for all kinds of DNA analysis.