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  • lloouuiiss22 lloouuiiss22 Jan 12, 2008 12:02 AM Flag

    Call Options...

    Open intrest on the Jan 2.50
    whent UP a bit. I have a gut feeling
    that once these contracts expire worthless
    the short covering will be in full force!
    LUM won't see sub $1 ever again!
    Why do you ask? cause the ones who wrote
    all those contracts 16000+ which does 1.6million
    shares will "free up their shares for sale"
    .....well you may argue with me and say that will
    be a reason for selling to drive the price down
    but hear me out....
    the ones who bought and wrote
    those contracts are in for the LONG HAUL! not willy
    nilly traders they will hold and those who sold short
    MUST cover cause you can't have 2 people selling the
    same share! The shorts right now are protected cause
    1.6 million shares are "locked up" so to say!
    Who agrees with me and who thinks the opposite
    will happen and LUM will go under 0.50 ?
    My guess is it's either one or the other.
    The pink sheets or serious $$$$$$$$$$$
    Could the smart shorts be covering already?
    Any thoughts on my babble?

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