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  • gooberengel69 gooberengel69 Jan 23, 2014 4:00 PM Flag

    Look Out U.S. Steel, Here Comes The Aluminum Truck!


    Engle captial an jonnycrashdummie and steel magnuts are goin to get run over by these new aluminimum trucks that put us stell out of business for good. They be flat as a pancakes soon. Steel is dead. Expecially the types of steel us steel makes. Bank oa americas says x is going to $14 in a few

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    • Two very different materials. One is not going to put the other out of business when they have different utilities.

    • Maybe they will swap aluminum for steel for the plate in your head goober. Hate to say it but it's not a show stopper for steel... in case you didn't know, the steel frame is the majority of steel in an auto or truck. Aluminum wheels have been on aircraft for years already. BFD. Always interesting how doofuses conjur up new and insignificant ways to eliminate steel from the world. Not to mention B of A didn't say...they already said $14 BACK IN APRIL OF 2013 and that's your source of information?. Tell us you EVER check the date of stuff you look up?

    • or how about the Ignore feature?
      i thought we were on the ignore feature....
      these guys get paid to post....
      nobody would not toss out trades an compete... thats how i know they frauds...
      then he goes into a lengthy post to scold me....
      i got his number... i got his hot button..
      i got his panties all wadded up in a bunch...

    • goober.. please tell these morons that im not you...
      but we know that so all is good....
      keep it up your doing a good job

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