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  • imperialpoetpurple imperialpoetpurple Mar 15, 2007 1:36 AM Flag

    + momentum cloking rgr

    RGR is rated nicely. On MSN it gets a rating of 9 on a scale of 10. It's a turnaround with new mgt. It's got plenty of cash and no debt. Sales are up! It's relatively small but with nice predictable volume. There's no dilution; it's amazing how there's so few outstanding shares of RGR.

    Its stock price has had a boost, but still it's only a $12 stock, and in its past RGR traded at $40. Think about it: If you had deep pockets and had to plop down some $$$$$ on a stock - wouldn't RGR be one of those that a broker might now recommend? RGR has been a sleeper, and in these uncertain times, a stock like RGR gets 'discovered'. There's only one negative - the PE is high. The PE is coming down, however, as RGR's price goes up! Go RGR!

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    • This stock will never be taken seriously until and unless it starts paying dividends again.

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      • The old RGR of the 1980's rested on its laurels and produced a nice large dividend. RGR became a kind of stalwart stock.
        The dividend was nice, but it was too big and it was a drain on the company.Eventually, RGR's laziness caught up with RGR and RGR's stock price began to steadily decline.

        The new RGR is a 21st century company that can't afford to rest on its laurels. RGR has had to turnaround and get back to its roots of being a lean, mean, dynamic, growth-oriented company. To do so, RGR has had to cut the dividend, let go of ol'Bill jr, sell off nonproducing assets,improve its products and expand into new areas of profitability.

        Since the new mgt. has come aboard, the stock price and profits have steadily increased. Perhaps RGR will again issue a dividend, but at this point I want fundamental growth - not a dividend check. When RGR's stock price rises to about $30, then perhaps it can start resting on its laurels again and handing out dividends.

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