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  • richer_than_your_mother richer_than_your_mother Oct 10, 2012 7:24 PM Flag

    Short Interest

    Anyone notice that RGR only has 19 million shares outstanding with 7 million shorted???

    Given the current daily volume, it would take short sellers about a month to cover. Briefing Trader, or Fly on the Wall, ever have a rumor ( aka Private equity to take RGR private) this stock will sky rocket.

    Days to cover is usually only a few days. RGR is at an extreme level. The shorts are going to get killed. Never short a stock with zero debt, and hot products.

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    • yea - been saying that a while now. 40% short interest on a company with NO debt and paying less than 50% of earnings as dividends? Week of October 29, RGR announces earnings - Nov 6, the election - within the next 30 days, I suspect the stock will start up strong, then as the shorts cover, it will accelerate. I have a base position + call options.

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    • Agreed, anyone shorting this needs their head examined. Most gun companies are private already. What the #ell do they need shareholders for anyhow? When everyone wants to cover at the same time for whatever reason...well.. it's gonna snap like a mouse trap.

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