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  • ibdtrader ibdtrader Dec 16, 2012 11:41 AM Flag

    Mental Health laws, Not control laws need to be reviewed.

    Throughout the country psychiatrists are saying there is little teeth in many public mental health laws that would empower psychiatrists to enforce treatment of those in need, not leave it to family members who often don't want their loved one who suffer a mental disorder with a permanent stigma of a state diagnosis. In most cases, a psychiatrist can only remand a person for a 24 to 48 evaluation if they have outwardly threatened harm to themselves or others. It's often too late when those suffering from a mental disease or defect act out their inner sufferings. The time for action is before the patient gets to that stage, and that is where legislators must listen to psychiatrists for their input on the needed changes to the majority of this nations mental health laws. Even worse, most states are cutting funding to already under-funded public mental health institutions. We need to go in a better direction when it comes to treating the mentally ill.

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    • I don't have a high opinion of the psychiatric medical community which prescribes potentially harmful psychotropic SSRI drugs so cavalierly, without exploring holistic medical techniques. Get 'em off the video games, into an exercise program, spiritual awareness, clean all the toxins out of the diet, lots of vegetables, check 'em for heavy metals, food allergies, etc. Do all that and I bet a lot of these psychiatric diseases like autism improve greatly. If and only if all those things are done and the diagnosis stands, try the drugs but there has to be a system of reporting this diagnosis and treatment to the authorities on a database (not publicly accessible) so that any background check will be able to weed these people out from being able to purchase a firearm. I'm definitely not in favor of giving psychiatrists the power to force treatment however. That's just a little too Orwellian for me.

    • what about an idiot mother who should know better.. has guns i her possession and doesn't keep them locked up from a person with mental health issues that she knows about..

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      • I completely agree. And as more facts come to light, we're finding out she likely kept him insulated from proper treatment while attempting to "handle" the situation on her own terms which of course failed. One has to question the family situation where his own brother stated he had no communication with his brother for at least 2 years. The signs were obviously there to multiple family members, and likely to those who knew the family as well. And yet nobody was proactive because they "didn't want to get involved".

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