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  • janjohn666 janjohn666 Dec 17, 2012 12:07 PM Flag

    2 pages of children's obituaries in conn. paper this morning.. FRONT PAGE!!!!!

    One little girl was going to be an angel tonight in a her Christmas pagent. Nice Huh......phfffffffffffffffff

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    • #$%$ stupid liberal piece of #$%$!... .using this tragedy to further your own agendas of gun control. The problem with this country is not automatic weapons, the problem is lack of morals, which you liberals are directly to blame for. A few years ago, people didn't pull this sort of stunt because they had a fear of hell in them, now they're being told that there is no such thing as a God and Hell, so they figure, who cares what I do? I come from a former communist country. The government loved this gun control thing, they could do whatever they wanted with the citizens because only the military had guns and they were owned by the govt. Look forward to your future in a dictatorship. One of these days you might wake up and realize you've been wrong... .no wait, that won't happen. liberals have big hearts but no brains.

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