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  • likesky78 likesky78 Dec 17, 2012 5:15 PM Flag

    If a crazy person is determined to kill many at once

    and if he will not have access to guns, he will start making bombs.. this would be much worse.

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    • Riiight...gun control legislation in Australia led to a dramatic decrease in gun deaths. It didn't lead to a dramatic increase in bomb deaths.

    • Everybody is saying what we have all been saying for years and the problem is, it doesn't matter anymore. Too many slaughters to overlook. Do you really think that our President can ignore what happened in Conn. Why would he defend gun owner's rights over the concerns of non gun toting citizens. The NRA blasted him maliciously for years and many right winged wing nuts have insulted him for years...attacked his citizenship, manhood, intentions etc., etc., etc.. They accused him of trying to take guns away for the last four years when in reality he signed two laws that expanded gun rights. He owes us nothing and as long as he initiates programs that aren't unconstitutional, I fully understand where he is coming from. If that shocks anybody then they are as stupid as stupid can be.

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      • Who says anyone expects him to ignore it?

        This is an issue of mental health and how it is handled in this country, by the professional medical community, the sick person's loved ones, friends, and community, and the legislative dept. That is where we will have a snowball's chance in he11 of making any changes that could have prevented this massacre, the previous ones, and, yes, the future ones. See my post "Okay all you Libs".

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