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  • jennam0677 jennam0677 Jan 14, 2013 1:44 AM Flag

    Adam Lanza was on Fanapt


    SSRI's are the real culprit in the Newtown shooting, not the firearms. Nobody is talking about what Big Pharma is engaged in and how it's robbing parents of their children by turning them into cold blooded killers through the wonders of modern chemistry. Search John Noveske and read his last Facebook post before his "accident" that ended his life. Keep your eye on the ball people and know what your opponents agenda is and who supports them.

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    • Slight exaggeration on SSRIs but only slight.

      I've been a strong advocate of NOT using meds on children except where there is a provable brain chemistry issue and/or during extreme circumstances.

      If you break your leg, you need a short term crutch. If you have a crippling disease, you may need a walker. If you have a bruise on your leg, using either will result in atrophy.

      How is the brain any different? We have replaced parenting with submission thru drugs.

      Anyone who disagrees should start talking to folks they know and I'll guarantee the average person who has taken them (even as a short term crutch during a crisis), will use the phrase 'feel like a zombie' at some point in the conversation.

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      • Mainstream medicine is a joke, in its current state and only going to get worse with Obama....err Affordable Healthcare Plan (LOL). They don't even check these mentally ill kids for Dopamine levels before prescribing these potentially dangerous drugs. Mainstream media doesn't want to address this issue because they are not interested in getting at the true problems. Not interested in anything that dilutes their efforts to get rid of all the guns. Therefore, they are the ones with blood on their hands.

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